Defence tells Calgary trial hospital not parents neglect caused childs death

first_imgCALGARY – A jury heard testimony Monday that a 14-month-old boy’s treatment in hospital, not malnutrition or an overwhelming infection, was to blame for the baby’s death.Jeromie and Jennifer Clark have pleaded not guilty to criminal negligence causing death and failure to provide the necessaries of life for their son John.Jeromie Clark’s lawyer David Chow called Anny Sauvageau, Alberta’s former chief medical examiner, as an expert witness on Monday.She contradicted testimony from the current chief medical examiner, Elizabeth Brooks-Lim, that suggested John was malnourished and died of sepsis.Sauvageau looked at John’s autopsy report, a neuropathologist’s report, medical records and photographs. She said the child most likely died of an “overly aggressive correction” of the sodium in his blood.The jury has already heard doctors gave John saline fluids after his parents took him to a Calgary hospital on Nov. 28, 2013. He died the following day after suffering a seizure and two cardiac arrests.When John came to hospital his sodium levels were very low at 107 millimoles per litre and that was raised to by 17 millimoles within an hour, Sauvageau said.She said there should never be an increase of four to six millimoles per litre within that time span.“We know for sure that the sodium was very low and that it was corrected way too fast compared to what is recommended,” Sauvageau testified.Sauvageau said it was also problematic that John was given so much fluid so quickly because it diluted his blood.“No human body can go through that and adapt in an hour,” she said.Sauvageau also suggested John’s small size was due to a hormonal issue rather than malnutrition. She based that in part on the proportions of his body.For instance, she said, when children are malnourished, they normally lose weight before deficiencies affect their growth. In John’s case, it was the opposite: he was very short, but on the chubby side.“In my opinion, it is not malnutrition and there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any type of malnutrition in this kid,” Sauvageau said.As for septic shock, two of three cultures taken were negative for staph bacteria, she said. And if he had been really sick, the initial one taken — before he was given antibiotics — would have tested positive, but didn’t.Jennifer Clark’s lawyer is not presenting evidence on her behalf.Jurors earlier heard Crown testimony that John had some blackened toes, an unusual rash and an abnormally low body temperature when he arrived at the hospital.Prosecutor Shane Parker said in his opening statement earlier this month that John was born at home, had never been vaccinated, was not fed properly and had never seen a doctor until the day before he died.Parker said that John was on “death’s doorstep” when he was taken to hospital and, because he was malnourished, he was unable to fight off a staph infection.In cross examination of Sauvageau, Parker asked whether she had been informed emergency doctors had described John as critically ill and “somewhat lifeless” when he arrived.She said yes, but that those descriptions didn’t match with what she saw in his medical files.“Were you told, specifically before you came to testify today, the prognosis was John was not going to survive,” Parker asked.“Correct, but it doesn’t mean it’s right,” Sauvageau responded.Parker asked whether Sauvageau was aware there was evidence the Clarks searched online for natural remedies for gangrene before taking John to hospital.“In this case, I’m not sure I see what you want me to do with it,” Sauvageau responded. “It would not help with the cause of death.”last_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment It is important to laugh at yourself.Happy Thanksgiving!— Kiefer Sutherland (@RealKiefer) November 22, 2018Kiefer Sutherland has a new holiday celebration inspired by a viral video published more than a decade ago. See, once upon a time, the “24” actor decided to tackle a Christmas tree after having a couple of drinks. Twitter/Kiefer Sutherland That split-second decision has followed him around for the remainder of his career, but Sutherland is taking it in stride.To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, the 51-year-old actor posted a video on Twitter. He introduced a Christmas tree topped with a woolly hat, which he proceeded to hug before taking down in what is apparently typical Sutherland fashion.Happy Thanksgiving from Sutherland to you.By SHAKIEL MAHJOURI | ET CANADA Login/Register With:center_img Advertisement Facebook Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Just seeing reminders of coffee can stimulate us

first_imgSimply looking at something that reminds us of coffee can cause our minds to become more alert and attentive, scientists say. The study looks at an effect called priming, through which exposure to even subtle cues can influence our thoughts and behaviour. “Coffee is one of the most popular beverages and a lot is known about its physical effects,” said Sam Maglio, an associate professor at University of Toronto in Canada. “Much less is known about its psychological meaning – in other words, how even seeing reminders of it can influence how we think,” said Maglio. Also Read – An income drop can harm brain”People often encounter coffee-related cues, or think about coffee, without actually ingesting it,” he said. “We wanted to see if there was an association between coffee and arousal such that if we simply exposed people to coffee-related cues, their physiological arousal would increase, as it would if they had actually drank coffee,” he added. In this case the researchers wanted to explore how simply being exposed to things that remind us of coffee may have an effect on arousal. Across four separate studies and using a mix of participants from western and eastern cultures, they compared coffee- and tea-related cues. They found that participants exposed to coffee-related cues perceived time as shorter and thought in more concrete, precise terms. “People who experience physiological arousal see the world in more specific, detailed terms,” said Maglio.last_img read more

Moroccan economy grows 2.9% in third quarter

Rabat – Morocco’s GDP grew 2.9% in the third quarter of 2014 compared to 4.1% the same period a year earlier, Morocco’s statistics office, the High Commission for Planning (HCP) said on Wednesday.The same source noted a 3.7% increase in non-agricultural activities and a 1.6% shrink in agricultural activities during the same period.The added value of the primary sector dropped 1.3% compared to the 18.4% growth posted during the same period last year. The secondary sector expanded 4.7%, while the tertiary sector grew 3.2% against 2.1% during the same semester last year.The overall added value registered in economic activity rose 2.9% compared to 3.8% the same period in 2013.

Moroccan Woman Wins the Title of Miss New York

New York- Iman Oubou, a 26 year-old Moroccan-born woman won the title of Miss New York on Sunday.Iman Oubou, who has moved to New York over a year ago, expressed her happiness to be elected Miss New York.“I can’t believe I just won the Miss New York United States – dreams do come true and hard work pays off,” Iman told Morocco World News. Iman will represent the state of New York in the Miss United States pageant to be held next July in Washington D.C.This is not the first time the young Moroccan American wins a beauty pageant in the United States. In March 2012, she won the title of Miss Colorado, the state where her family lives.“I worked really hard to feel completely prepared for this pageant as it was always a dream for me not only to move to New York but also be able to represent it at a national pageant! And today I am so honored to say that I am the new miss New York United States and part of the miss United States family,” Iman told Morocco World New.“I will use this title to spotlight a number of projects devoted to women empowerment and gender equality as it is my life passion and my platform,” he added.Iman Oubou, is a 26 year-old woman of Moroccan origin. In 2006, she moved to the United States along with her family and settled in the State of Colordo.Since she settled in the United States at an early age, Iman has always sought to promote the cultural and historical diversity of her native country and change the stereotypical image of Morocco as being an exotic country.“The combination of the Moroccan and American cultures is (and will always be) the key to my present and future accomplishments and pursuits. It is also my responsibility as a Moroccan residing in the US to take the lead and promote the cultural and historical diversity of my native country and change the stereotypical image of Morocco as being an exotic country with nothing to offer,” Iman had told MWN in an interview in 2012Iman pursued her studies at Colorado State University where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology in May 2011 and a Masters in biomedical engineering in 2013.After her graduation in 2011, she was chosen out of 700 applicants to intern with a biomedical company in Munich, Germany.Iman is also the Co-president of the students for global health organization, which allowed her to go on her recent medical mission to Africa.In addition to her studies, Iman is involved with international medical missions and local medical centers in Colorado. After completing a medical mission to East Africa where she assisted in 26 surgeries in 2011, Iman carried out a medical mission to Morocco in May 2014.Like many Moroccans Iman speaks several languages, including Arabic, English, Spanish and French. read more

Nicaraguan bank sanctioned by US shuts down

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — A Nicaraguan bank close to the government has shut down after the United States imposed sanctions for alleged financial misdeeds on behalf of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company.Eduardo Holmann Chamorro, one of Bancorp’s three directors, says that the country’s Banks and Financial Institutions Superintendent had accepted the bank’s request for a “voluntary dissolution.”Holmann said late Wednesday that the bank would be shuttered and 106 employees would be out of work.U.S. national security adviser John Bolton announced new sanctions against the bank last week, calling it a “slush fund” for President Daniel Ortega. The U.S. had already sanctioned it for its ties to Venezuela.Bancorp was created in 2014 by Alba de Nicaragua (Albanisa) to handle the money of Nicaraguan companies created with Venezuelan funds.The Associated Press read more

Broadview hospital emergency department closes indefinitely due to staff shortages

Since his aortic heart valve replacement 16 years ago, Garry Rink has gone to get blood work done every week at the Broadview Union Hospital. But with the hospital’s emergency department indefinitely closed due to staffing shortages, he now has to drive out of town.“I’ll just go wherever I have to go when the time comes I guess,” he said, noting he now has to drive to Grenfell 20 minutes away or Moosomin 40 minutes away. “It’s just going to be a little more inconvenient.”While he is still able to drive himself to appointments, Rink said other seniors in the town no longer have this capability.“You’ve got a lot of senior people in these little towns that maybe don’t have vehicles,” he said. “Hopefully it doesn’t come to (the hospital) being closed.”Without this easy access to health care, Rink said some residents would likely look at moving to a bigger centre where they are closer to an emergency department.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Broadview Mayor Carol Mills was also concerned that a lengthy closure of these key hospital services would cause residents to leave or deter people from moving to the town in the first place. She described the hospital as one of the town’s “drawing cards.”“We are such an aging community to begin with, and these people have no way of getting out of town to another emergency (department) or lab work, so it’s pretty hard on us,” she said.“It’s a great hospital (with) all the facilities we need, and just like that we don’t have acute care.”Most residents are now travelling the 40 minutes to Moosomin or even the hour to Melville, said Mills. She believes the closure is already having an impact on local businesses.“I think already the drugstore in town has noticed some decline in business because they have to go out of town, and they just get their medication or whatever they need while they’re out of town,” she said.The Broadview Union Hospital’s emergency department and acute care services closed on Aug. 30. Initially the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) had said the services would be reopened on Sept. 16, but after a continued struggle to find the lab technicians needed, it was changed to an indefinite closure.Jacqui Kennett-Peppler, a primary health care director for the SHA, said the hospital currently has no full-time combined x-ray lab technicians and needs two to reopen the departments.“We really can’t have an emergency department or an acute care site without that lab service being available consistently,” she said, noting the problem has been compounded by one of the hospital’s three physicians handing in his resignation, effective at the end of November.As for how long the search for staff might last, Kennett-Peppler said it’s “really hard to estimate.”Related All Nations Healing Hospital starts new foundation with anonymous $1M donation Regina doctor spends months volunteering at Pakistan hospital Medical technologists and technicians feeling job pressure But Mills is worried about the closure’s impact on more than just the town of Broadview, noting the entire RM of Elcapo and three neighbouring First Nations communities all use the hospital.Cowessess First Nation is one of the neighbouring communities whose residents use the hospital. Chief Cadmus Delorme said the majority of the First Nation’s 900 residents go to the Broadview Union Hospital, making its emergency department’s temporary closure “definitely a concern.”“Broadview has been a good ally to Cowessess for over 100 years and that hospital has been a very crucial part to our relationship. We utilize it a lot,” he said.“Sometimes these are life and death situations, so already to get to Broadview is about 20 minutes … but Melville would probably be about 40 minutes.”Delorme hopes that in the future, members of Cowessess First Nation could become trained for the positions the hospital needs to fill to help prevent a closure like this from happening years down the road.“It’s a challenge right now; it might be an opportunity in the future,” he read more

Rebels take Bukavu in eastern DR of Congo protesters target UN

The town was effectively being controlled by General Laurent Nkunda of the Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie-Goma (RCD-Goma) and the former deputy regional military commander Colonel Jules Mutebutsi, UN spokesman Fred Eckhard told reporters in New York.Some other RCD-Goma leaders had joined the DRC’s multi-factional Transitional Government, along with leading members of the former Kinshasa government, the Mayi-Mayi militias, the Mouvement de liberation du Congo, RCD-Kisangani/Mouvement de liberation, and RCD-National.UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on “all parties concerned to put an immediate end to the hostilities and abide by the cease-fire,” Mr. Eckhard said.”The Secretary-General encourages the Transitional Government to address the issue in a consensual manner and reaffirms MONUC’s availability to assist in this regard,” he said.After listening to a briefing on the situation by the Under Secretary-General for Peacekeeping, Jean-Marie Guéhenno, the Security Council president for June, Ambassador Lauro Baja of the Philippines, said the Council condemned the violence and the violation of human rights accompanying it.The Council also condemned “the incitement of hatred, especially against members of the local community, in particular those aimed at the Banyamulenge,” he said. Some 2,000 people crossed the border to Cyangugu, in south-western Rwanda, last week, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). They have been identified as mainly Congolese Tutsi, also known as Banyamulenge,About 1,060 MONUC troops are stationed in the town, MONUC spokesman Hamadoun Toure said, noting that the parties had signed the 1999 Lusaka Accord and the 2002 Global and Inclusive Accord. Negotiations were now going on to re-establish the cease-fire and restore calm in Bukavu, he said.In the fighting, the UN World Food Programme’s (WFP) warehouse was looted and the offices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) were attacked, Mr. Eckhard said.In other parts of the DRC, demonstrators in Kisangani and the national capital, Kinshasa, expressed anger over the rebel taking of Bukavu, he said. In Kisangani, a UN building and vehicle were set on fire and the vehicle’s driver was missing, while in Kinshasa, two UN vehicles were set on fire.UNHCR said that for the first time in days 50 people fled to south-western Rwanda today. The agency has reinforced its staff at the Nyagatare transit centre in the area to deal with the influx of refugees. read more

UN mission condemns attack on female Afghan senator and family

Ms. Khairzad and her family were reportedly ambushed on the main highway in the province of Ghazni, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said in a statement.They were heading to her home province of Nimroz in the country’s south to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.“We condemn this attack in itself, but what makes it worse is that it took place on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, a time of peace and goodwill,” said the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and acting head of UNAMA, Nicholas Haysom. UNAMA extended its condolences for those killed in the attack and wished a speedy recovery for Ms. Khairzad and her surviving family members.

Math kits made by Brock students for young learners

Brock students are working to make math equal fun by adding a dash of creativity.Students in a third-year math course, Mathematics at the Junior/Intermediate/Senior Level, have been working to create kits to help make math more accessible to young learners.Coinciding with National STEM Day, the first of three presentations related to the kits took place Nov. 8 and offered faculty, students and Let’s Talk Science Outreach at Brock volunteers a sneak peek into the hands-on, interactive math-based activities.The project, a new addition to the long-running Math 3P91 course, provides the class of future math educators an opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts they learn in class. The idea for this experiential component emerged last year when Dan Lonergan, Experiential Education Co-ordinator in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, and Anna Hudlin, Let’s Talk Science Outreach at Brock Site Co-ordinator, discussed a potential partnership. In 2016, Brock became a new site for Let’s Talk Science, a national organization that offers science education and programs for all ages from preschool to high school using ready-made science, technology, engineering and math-related kits.Recognizing the need for more math-based kits, Hudlin approached Lonergan about creating the experiential opportunity.Following feedback and final tweaks, the students’ work may become part of available Let’s Talk Science kits used in classrooms by volunteers at Brock and beyond.Each kit contains a workbook and guide for the classroom facilitator, as well as the materials needed for each workshop. Kits were created for a variety of math topics and were each geared toward specific grades.For example, one kit is all about exploring the mathematical concepts of comparing, sorting and pattern recognition.The kit uses common household activities to help young learners connect the concepts to life outside the classroom.Participants rotate through a series of activity stations that show the concepts at work  while doing household chores such as sorting laundry, sewing, baking, grocery shopping and counting money. read more

Neary victims in limbo as they wait for government to do the

first_img“MICHAEL NEARY IS a dysfunctional individual who damaged women. Today he is a free agent, drawing a pension and we are left in limbo.”That was the opening statement from one of his patients at a press briefing this morning, the latest attempt by campaigners to encourage Health Minister James Reilly to resolve the issue of compensation for the 35 victims excluded from the Neary redress scheme.In February 2012, Reilly said his proposals for dealing with the sensitive situation were at an advanced stage and that his department were in talks with the Attorney General.Since then, the women have not received word of any further development.Campaigner Sheila O’Connor noted that although it has been 15 years since the story about Neary’s “bizarre practices” broke, “we still have 35 women injured and without compensation”.She said the victims have “strong medical supports” and there is no question about wrongdoing on Neary’s part. They were excluded from the initial redress scheme on technicalities following Judge Maureen Harding Clark’s 2004 deliberations. That system referred only to two narrow groups, one of which excluded all women over the age of 40. It compensated about 200 patients at a cost of more than €20 million.Marie Raeburn was 40 years and three days old when she underwent her surgery. Her womb and ovaries were removed unnecessarily.“I have been writing, phoning TDs. It is hard to be positive,” she told the room of reporters, supporters and fellow survivors at Buswell’s Hotel in Dublin.A meeting has been sought with the Minister and the Taoiseach but response letters from government have not addressed the request.“It really is just not OK,” continued O’Connor. “I’ve seen young women turn to mature women, and mature women turn to old women.“The women will tell you how bitterly disappointed they are. We believed [Reilly] – and we would have given him leeway.”A commitment to resolve the issue is included in the coalition’s Programme for Government.Horror storiesNeary was struck off the Medical Register in September 2003 following a lengthy hearing before the Medical Council. A series of investigations and inquires into his practices had started years earlier.The probes revealed that Neary performed negligent, damaging and unnecessary gynaecological procedures on a number women at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.The issue only came to light after two midwives working at the Maternity Unit raised concerns that the surgeon was carrying out an unusual number of caesarean hysterectomies. They also felt that some of his clinical practices were “out of date”.The Lourdes Hospital Inquiry was established by the Government in 2004 after which a large number of women were compensated. It found that since Neary began his work as an obstetrician in the hospital, the rate of casesarian hysterectomies was extremely high.Altogether he performed 129 such procedures which involve removing the woman’s womb shortly after she has given birth. The average for the majority of obstetricians’ career is about five, an RTÉ documentary revealed after investigating the case.Women have been compensated through both the redress scheme and through civil actions when the Statue of Limitations of two or three years allowed.The amounts varied from €80,000 to €300,000, depending on severity of situation, damage and number of children.The scheme established after the 2004 report has been described as “fair” and something the victims were “content” with. The only problem was the exclusions.“The number [35] has not risen,” maintains O’Connor. “The government does not have to worry about being overwhelmed by other people.”“We just want to get on with our lives…see closure,” adds Mary Packenham, who also sat at the top table at today’s conference. “It is constantly in the back of our minds so we can’t get on with our lives.”No showTwo years ago, a similar meeting organised by Patient Focus attracted representatives from each of Ireland’s political parties. Today, just one senator and one TD spoke up the conference room, a stone’s throw from Leinster House.“It is shameful,” O’Connor said at the top of the briefing.Labour Senator Mary Moran and her colleague, Louth TD Gerald Nash, echoed the sentiment. Nash said he was “deeply frustrated” at the lack of action, while Moran promised to continue pressurising Ministers on the matter. She also expressed disappointment that more of her party colleagues were not in attendance.What next?As the Statute of Limitations has run its course for all 35 women, civil action is not an option. Importantly, Michael Neary no longer has insurance.“The plan?” says O’Connor. “To stay here until we die.”Asked about the possibility of strong protest, the campaigners noted they were a small group “not into throwing stink bombs”.The power is in their argument and in the truth, they say. “We shouldn’t have to throw a tantrum in a democracy.”February 2012: Compensation on way for women excluded from Neary redress schemelast_img read more

Varane Real Madrid 100 motivated to make history

first_imgReal Madrid defender Raphael Varane insists that they remain as motivated as ever heading into tonight’s Champions League trip to CSKA MoscowAfter three consecutive Champions League titles with few new signings in the summer, concerns have been raised over Real’s motivation.Julen Lopetegui’s side have also dropped five points in their last three La Liga games with just a single goal to their name in the process.But Varane, who will play in Moscow for the first time since winning the World Cup with France later today, insists that Los Blancos remain as keen as ever to rewrite the history books.“Our motivation is always at its maximum. Just wearing this shirt gives you motivation. We always want to make history and improve,” said Varane on the club website.“This stadium will always be special for me [referring to the World Cup Final], but it’s a Champions League game against a complicated team. It’ll be a difficult game, so we’ll need to be 100%.Jose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach.“We’re not worried, we know what we’re capable of. We have a great team and we know we can beat anyone.“The season is long and there are many games to be played, but the Champions League is a unique competition.“Experience is very important in the Champions League, but we have quality players who can respond to the demands of the Champions League.“Every player in the squad is prepared and has the qualities of playing a match in this competition.”Real captain Sergio Ramos will be rested for the game at the Russian capital.The Group G clash between Real and CSKA will take place at the VEB Arena with kick-off to begin at 21:00 (CEST).last_img read more

IMF reports back to TCI on findings after ten days in country

first_img Epoc Expects Positive Review From Imf Related Items:British Atlantic Financial Services, depositors insurance scheme, financial sector assessment program. tci bank, IMF Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 11 May 2015 – No Central Bank for the Turks and Caicos has created a void that the recent International Monetary Fund team believes needs to be filled. In fact, the team explained that the lack of a DIS or Depositors’ Insurance Scheme leaves small depositors and policy holders dangerously exposed. The Financial Sector Assessment Program and the six experts on the ground a few weeks back said in their report issued Sunday that: “At this moment, the Turks and Caicos Islands authorities are not ready to introduce a DIS. A DIS can function properly when its two preconditions are met: a strong supervisory framework and a special resolution regime for banks that are not viable. While progress has been made in the first area, more needs to be done in the second area.” It is no secret that losses after the TCI Bank fiasco and the British Atlantic Financial Services Ltd debacle there were significant losses. The report from the team recommends that government enhance regulation and supervision, introduce a special bank resolution regime, create a preference for smaller depositors and policyholders or have institutions establish a fund for depositor or policyholder payout. Another Successful review for Grenada from IMF Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp IMF prompts new legislation for Financial Services in TCIlast_img read more

Wilmington OBITUARIES Week of April 29 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are the obituaries published on Wilmington Apple during the week of April 29, 2018:Lived In Wilmington At Time Of Passing:David A. Sarich, 66Previously Lived In Wilmington:Rita A. (McDonough) Maxwell, 78Jason C. Zwicker, 48 Worked In/Volunteered In/Connected To Wilmington:Lina Margaret “Marg” Buchman, 93Maria L. (DaSilva) Nunes, 85Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 18, 2019)In “Obituaries”Wilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 11, 2019)In “Obituaries”Wilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 4, 2019)In “Obituaries”last_img read more

KreissTomkins backs funding for NOAA research Sitka harbors

first_imgThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, is based in Washington state. But Sitka Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins wants to see NOAA’s Alaska-focused staff, programs and assets relocated closer to home.House Resolution 8 requests NOAA fully staff the Auke Bay Laboratories, located at the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute in Juneau. The resolution also asks for the Alaska Fisheries Science Center Director to remain in Juneau. AFSC is currently headquartered in Seattle.Listen nowKreiss-Tomkins, one of the resolution’s sponsors, wants to see Alaska’s fisheries management happen on the ground.“Just as I think people get frustrated with decisions being made from Washington D.C., particularly if those decisions don’t incorporate the nuance of a local issue, you can have a similar dynamic. I think it just makes sense for resources to be managed in the place where resources exist,” Kreiss-Tomkins said.House Resolution 8 passed the House earlier this month by a vote of 36 to 1. Kreiss-Tomkins calls it ammunition for a larger effort by Alaska’s congressional leaders.“We’re going to continue to work with Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Dan Sullivan’s offices to try to make sure the National Marine Fisheries services – there’s a couple of specific asks we’re going to pursue – to basically make sure that the agency follows through with the spirit of this resolution and the work that our congressional delegation is doing,” Kreiss-Tomkins said.Alaska’s fisheries generate approximately $4.5 billion a year.Speaking with KCAW over the phone, Kreiss-Tomkins had good news for Sitka’s habor infrastructure.Both the Senate and the House have carved out $5 million in their capital budgets for Phase 1 of replacing Sitka’s Crescent Harbor. The House’s version of the budget also includes $1.5 million for electrical upgrades to Eliason Harbor.“It’s not in the Senate budget, so it’s subject to negotiation. But I am cautiously optimistic that we’ll prevail,” Kreiss-Tomkins said.Both harbors are included in the City of Sitka’s list of legislative priorities for this year.Kreiss-Tomkins also received word that there’s intent language in the operating budget, requiring VPSO firefighter training to remain in Sitka.“I’m concerned about the Trooper Academy being nibbled away piece by piece and this intent language will forestall any such efforts,” Kreiss-Tomkins said.There was discussion last year about relocated that training to Palmer.Kreiss-Tomkins expected the state legislature would finalize passage of the budget within a week. As for education funding, he said there was a chance for a modest funding boost that would impact the base student allocation (BSA).last_img read more

Darshans Kurukshetra fever grips fans set for big release in Karnataka Teluguspeaking

first_imgDarshan’s Kurukshetra.PR HandoutChallenging Star Darshan’s Kurukshetra will release in just three South Indian states in the first phase on Friday, August 9. The combined screen count of the Kannada and Telugu versions is estimated to be around 900-1000 screens.Sources from the distributors’ office have told The International Business Times that the movie will release only in Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana in the first phase. “It is going to release in around 500+ screens in the Telugu speaking states. The screen count is above 400 in Karnataka. It might touch 1000 screens,” the source from the Rockline Venkatesh’s office tells us.The fans of Darshan outside Karnataka and Telugu-speaking states will be in for a disappointment as Kurukshetra is not releasing in centres like Mumbai, Chennai, etc. “We have decided to release the Kannada version along with the respective versions. The Malayalam and Tamil versions will hit the screens on 16 August in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Hindi version is most likely to be out in the first week of September if it fails to release on 30 August,”Meanwhile, the advance booking has met with a stupendous response from the fans of Darshan. A lot of single screens in Bengaluru have planned for early morning shows. “The first begins at 12.15 am on Friday at Siddalingeswara. The tickets have been completely sold. So far, the pre-booking has commenced in 25+ single screens in the city and the response is terrific from the viewers,” the source adds.The makers are expecting the tickets for all the shows in Bengaluru to be sold by Thursday morning. However, the show count is expected to be lesser than Rockline Venkatesh’s previous film Natasaarvabhowma as Kurukshetra is a 3-hour film.Naganna-directorial movie is produced by Munirathna. Apart from Darshan, Ambareesh, V Ravichandran, Arjun Sarja, Srinath, Shashikumar, Sneha, Meghana Raj, Haripriya, Nikhil Kumar and many others are part of the mega-budget film.last_img read more

US Navy probes after female Marines pictured naked

first_imgUS naval investigators are probing allegations that Marines distributed nude pictures of female service personnel taken without their knowledge, officials said Monday.The explicit photos, shared on a secret Facebook page which has since been taken down, reportedly showed female Marines and other women in various states of undress.Posts on the website, called “Marines United,” also contained lewd comments about some of the women.“The Marine Corps is deeply concerned about allegations regarding the derogatory online comments and sharing of salacious photographs in Marines United, a closed website,” the United States Marine Corps (USMC) said in a statement on its website.“This behavior destroys morale, erodes trust and degrades the individual. The Marine Corps does not condone this sort of behavior, which undermines its core values.”Because the Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy, the scandal is being investigated by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).“NCIS is investigating those who are posting explicit photos without the permission of the person in the photos, which is potentially a felony. Beyond that, NCIS does not discuss the details of ongoing investigations,” the agency said in a statement.Fox News reported that those with access to the site included active-duty and retired male Marines, Navy personnel and British Royal Marines.The head of the US congressional committee that oversees the military called the website “unacceptable.”“Revelations of this sort of treatment against fellow Marines are troubling,” said Mac Thornberry, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.“Degrading behavior of this kind is entirely unacceptable. They and the nation deserve better.“I expect the Marine Corps to investigate this matter fully with appropriate consequences for those who willingly participated.”last_img read more

Sharon Horgan Producers of Peaky Blinders Get Dirty for Amazon

first_imgSome hot production companies are getting “Dirty” for Amazon. Sharon Horgan’s Merman and “Peaky Blinders” producer Caryn Mandabach Productions are developing gritty drama “Dirty” for Amazon Studios alongside Kapital Entertainment.In-demand writer Danny Brocklehurst (“Safe”) will pen and exec produce the series, which promises to be a “funny, filthy, brutally honest look at modern lives,” according to a statement from the producers. It was light on specifics but added that the show would follow a “principled woman who takes her first steps into a world of moral complexity.” Along the way, she discovers that everyone has secrets.“I love Danny’s writing and I loved this idea from the minute I read it,” Horgan said. “There’s an atmosphere and grit to it that feels very new.” Horgan, who has a deal with Amazon, and Clelia Mountford will exec produce for fast-expanding Merman, and Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor for Kapital Entertainment.Caryn Mandabach and Jamie Glazebrook will executive produce for Caryn Mandabach Productions, which is currently in production on Season 5 of “Peaky Blinders.”.“In ‘Dirty,’ Danny has created a truly surprising lead,” Glazebrook said. “I’m so happy to be working with Danny, Merman, Kapital and Amazon, which is the perfect home for a series that’s going to be hugely entertaining and deeply resonant.”Caryn Mandabach Productions is repped by Shelley Reid; Merman is repped by WME and George Davis; and Danny Brocklehurst is repped by CAA, United Agents and Thruline. Popular on Variety center_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

Victims kin lock up doctors in hospital

first_imgKolkata: Tension ran high at Digha State General Hospital on Sunday morning following the death of a patient whose family members staged a demonstration alleging medical negligence on the part of the hospital authorities.The victim’s family members locked up some doctors inside the hospital and put up a sit-in demonstration demanding action against the doctors who were allegedly responsible for the patient’s death. The incident sparked panic among other patients undergoing treatment at the hospital. The incident also disrupted health services at the hospital before the police finally reached and dispersed the mob. Police said the victim, Nirmal Routh, a resident of Digha coastal police station area, received injuries after falling from his motorcycle. He was returning home on his motorcycle on Saturday night when the accident took place. He was immediately taken to the hospital by local residents. The family members of the victim alleged that after primary check up the doctors suggested that CT scan should be conducted on the patient to ascertain the nature of the injuries. As advised by the doctors, victim’s relatives took the patient for CT scan on late Saturday night. When they turned up with CT scan report no doctors were available at the ward. The patient remained unattended till Sunday morning despite his critical injuries. In the morning, a doctor checked him and said that the patient had been suffering from mere acidity. No treatment was provided for his head injuries as a result of which the patient succumbed to his injuries. After the patient’s death, his family members began congregating on the hospital premises. They started an agitation demanding punishment for doctors responsible for his death. After being informed a huge contingent of police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control.last_img read more