Michael Moore Contemplates Mass Murder Motivation

first_imgIn the developed world it is not only the USA that has millions of guns and children who watch violent movies and play violent video games, but activist and documentary film maker Michael Moore says that people in other countries, “simply don’t kill each other at the rate that we do.” Moore thinks he knows why: poverty, fear and a ‘me’ society.“One in five Americans goes hungry at some point during the year,” says Moore. “The majority of those who aren’t poor are living from paycheck to paycheck. There’s no doubt this creates more crime. Middle class jobs prevent crime and violence.” No one making $50 thousand per year will be breaking into homes and shooting people for television sets, he says.As for the Americans’ exaggerated sense of fear, Moore links it with racism that is perpetuated by media. “Too many white people are afraid of black people. What’s the image of a perpetrator in our heads?” It isn’t the freckle-faced kid from down the street.He also criticizes America’s every-man-for-himself ethos: “I have noticed in my travels that other civilized countries see a national benefit to taking care of each other. In other countries people see each other together, with each person existing as an integral part of the whole.”Moore doesn’t think banning semiautomatic weapons, regulating ammunition, improved background checks and increased mental health services, although all welcome, would bring an end to mass murders in his country. The alleged killer at the recent Newtown school tragedy had no criminal record, the guns he used were legally purchased, none fit the legal description of an assault weapon, the murderer’s mother had sought help for his mental health problems, and the school where the rampage took place had been locked down before the killer showed up.“Most [citizens in other developed countries] are raised with a sense of connection, if not outright solidarity,” says Moore. “And that makes it harder to kill one another.”Copyright ©2013Look to the Starslast_img read more

Uprooted families begin returning to northwest Pakistan report UN agency

14 July 2009Around 800 people displaced by the conflict in north-west Pakistan have headed back home yesterday under a government-run programme, while another 2,500 are slated to return today, the United Nations refugee agency reported. Returnees to the district of Swat told the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that they felt safe going back to their villages after contacting neighbours who had already safely returned on their own, the agency’s spokesperson, Ron Redmond, told reporters in Geneva.“Other internally displaced people (IDPs) reported they were not yet ready to return, citing security concerns in various areas in Swat,” he stated. “Some IDPs have been displaced several times in the course of the past several months and want to avoid being uprooted yet again.” More than 2 million Pakistanis have fled the conflict between Government forces and militants in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP), and the vast majority are either sheltering in schools and other public buildings, with host families or in rental accommodations.Those that headed home yesterday were living in the Jalozai camp, which is managed by UNHCR together with its partners and provincial authorities. Unbearable heat in the camp was cited as one of the main reasons they decided to go back to their villages. Some of the most vulnerable IDPs, including pregnant women, said they would rather remain in camps for now since they have access to health services – something that is not always available in their villages, noted Mr. Redmond.The World Health Organization (WHO), which just completed a high-level mission to Pakistan on Friday, said one of its major concerns is ensuring that returnees have access to functional health systems. The agency’s spokesperson, Paul Garwood, also cited a major gap in female health workers available to treat patients, particularly female returnees who prefer to be treated by women. The scale of the displacement crisis continues to “exhaust the current health system’s ability to meet all needs,” he told reporters. The situation is being further complicated by the coming monsoon season, which will result in higher risks to displaced women and children under five, especially with regard to respiratory infections, malaria, and other water-borne diseases. The Government’s return plan – known as Naway Sahar, or ‘Dawn of a New Beginning’– will focus first on repatriating displaced people currently staying in camps, and then move on to those staying with host families, renting rooms or staying in schools. Government authorities and UN agencies, including UNHCR, signed a statement over the weekend pledging that the return process would follow the principles of voluntariness, safety and dignity. UNHCR will help to monitor the willingness of people to return as well to implement the registration process. It will also provide assistance in cash to the Government for the transportation of vulnerable people, and distribute relief items to families which have not yet received them, especially for IDPs staying in host families and school buildings. read more

InterKorean dialogue crucial for resolving human rights concerns says UN expert

Those were just a few of the issues that came up during the 22 to 26 November visit to the ROK by Marzuki Darusman, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The visit, which was to assess the human rights situation in DPRK as it impacts on ROK, included discussions on issues such as abductions, separated families, violations of human rights in the DPRK, trafficking of persons and the abuses that asylum-seekers go through en route to ROK and the situation of refugees. Mr. Darusman, in a statement issued today, said that he recognized the “gravity of the recent military actions” that have escalated tensions between the two countries. “While these developments will require careful analysis, I join with others in expressing my sympathy to the victims and calling for restraint,” he stated. “This underscores the importance and need for resumption of multilateral meetings, involving the DPRK. The DPRK should not find itself in isolation at a juncture when it needs the support and cooperation of the international community the most, both to address the human rights situation and the humanitarian needs.” Mr. Darusman emphasized, both to ROK and the international community, the importance of continuing to provide humanitarian assistance to DPRK, and to ensure that the aid reaches the neediest population. “Provisions of humanitarian aid, including food, medical and other urgent humanitarian needs, subject to ‘no access, no aid,’ should not be contingent upon any political conditions,” he added. While welcoming the resumption of the family reunion of separated families in October 2010, he said it is “regrettable” that the talks between the Red Cross organizations of the two sides for further reunions have been on hold in the wake of the recent artillery firing. “The number of persons affected by separation of families is so large that there is a need for a more frequent and regular family reunion. I stress this, also keeping in mind that the majority of such separated members are now very old and some are already dead,” he said. The Special Rapporteur said he also heard the desire on the part of the Government and people of ROK to address the situation of abductees and look at the issue of human rights in the DPRK, and learned of initiatives being undertaken by some parliamentarians to introduce new legislation aimed at enhancing the human rights situation of the people of the DPRK. “I understand that, among other things, the draft provisions include a proposal for a more systematic recording of the human rights situation in the DPRK.” On the issue of the DPRK asylum-seekers, Mr. Darusman said there has been a steady increase in the number of persons seeking refuge in ROK. While fewer than 1,000 defectors from the DPRK had made their way to ROK up until the late 1990s, today there are 20,000 of them sheltered in ROK, with a record 2,927 arriving in 2009 alone. Around 77 per cent of these arrivals are women. “While commending the ROK for integration of asylum-seekers of the DPRK, I call on all other countries where people of the DPRK are seeking refuge or transitioning, to protect, treat such people humanely and respect the principle of non-refoulent, as provided under the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.” Mr. Darusman visited the Hanawon centre, a Government-supported facility housing such asylum-seekers outside Seoul, to interview some of the new arrivals there. He was able to gather first-hand information on the “harrowing” experiences they have gone through, both while in DPRK and en route to ROK, often falling victim to traffickers and sexual abuse. “While interacting with them, I could see that the scars, such as post-traumatic stress disorders, run deep,” he stated, adding that while they are happy to be in the ROK, they worry for the safety of their loved ones back home. “They fear that the families of those who flee the country are being identified in the DPRK, and face the prospect of harsh prison sentences.” Mr. Darusman will present his full report to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council in March 2011. The Special Rapporteur, who works in an independent and unpaid capacity, intends to travel to Japan on a similar assessment mission, the findings of which will also be included in next year’s report. His request in October to visit DPRK “did not receive a favourable decision from the Government,” he noted. 26 November 2010An independent United Nations human rights expert today stressed the need for a quick resumption of dialogue between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to resolve issues such as the reunion of separated families and the situation of asylum-seekers. read more

Puttalam Pradeshiya Saba Chairman remanded

The Puttalam Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman, Anjana Sandaruwan, who was arrested at the Bandaranaike International Airport last week, has been ordered to be remanded until his case concludes.He was arrested while attempting to leave the country despite a travel ban imposed on him by court. The travel ban had been imposed over an ongoing case related to a murder in 2010. (Colombo Gazette)

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the

TORONTO — Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:Aviation confabThe International Civil Aviation Organization will continue its triennial assembly in Montreal on Monday. The U.N. agency, which is meeting in part to discuss how to reduce the sector’s environmental impact, cancelled its meetings Friday in solidarity with climate protesters led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. GDP statsStatistics Canada will release gross domestic product data by industry for July on Tuesday. The agency’s recent reading for real gross domestic product in the second quarter showed an unexpectedly solid turnaround for an economy that was coming off its weakest back-to-back quarters of growth since 2015.Cenovus outlookCenovus Energy will hold an investor open house in Toronto on Wednesday, where it will unveil its five-year outlook. The Calgary-based company is among several oilsands producers considering the construction of diluent recovery units as a solution to ongoing pipeline project delays.Pot lookaheadCanaccord Genuity will hold its second annual U.S. Cannabis Symposium on Thursday. Convenience store giant Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. recently said it wants to be one of the “key players” in the North American cannabis market by using its position in Canada — where use of the substance for recreational purposes is legal — to achieve this goal.Trade numbersStatistics Canada will release Canadian international merchandise trade data for August on Friday. The agency reported last month that Canada’s merchandise trade balance with the world went from an essentially balanced position in June to a $1.1 billion deficit in July. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 29, 2019.The Canadian Press read more

Afghanistan Annan names deputy envoy Brahimi visits quake area

The United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, today named French national Jean Arnault as his Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan.Mr. Arnault, whose appointment took effect immediately, succeeds Francesc Vendrell, who retired from the UN at the end of January.Working out of Kabul, Mr. Arnault will act as Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi’s deputy responsible for political matters. He will be the head of the political pillar of the UN mission in Afghanistan, while Nigel Fisher heads the humanitarian and developmental pillar.Over the course of his diplomatic career, Mr. Arnault served previously as the Secretary-General’s Representative for Burundi from June 2000 to August 2001, and as Mr. Annan’s Special Representative for the UN Verification Mission in Guatemala (MINUGUA) from 1997-2000.Meanwhile, Mr. Brahimi, accompanied by Interim Administration Chairman Hamid Karzai and other Afghan officials, visited the earthquake-affected province of Samangan in the north of the country.Speaking to the press following the visit, Mr. Brahimi urged assistance to the victims of the disaster. “We have seen people who are extremely dignified – extremely poor, affected – but standing up and looking to the future,” he said. “They need a lot of help.” read more

Middle East strife terror cast shadow over UN rights bodys session Robinson

Ongoing violence in the Middle East and last year’s terrorist attacks against the United States cast shadow over the just-concluded session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the top UN rights official told the Geneva-based body today as it concluded its session. Referring to the “first shadow darkening the human rights horizon,” High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson said the Commission had recognized the need to respond to the severe loss of life of both Palestinians and Israelis by calling for a visiting mission and fact-finding report. “The steps taken by the Commission stem from its commitment to protect victims of violations of human rights in a particularly difficult context,” she said.The “second shadow,” she said, was the 11 September terrorist attacks and their aftermath. “A number of strong statements during this session have affirmed the importance of upholding fully human rights and humanitarian law standards in combating terrorism,” she noted, pledging her Office’s full support for “any initiative the Commission may think appropriate in order to signal clearly that human rights should not be sacrificed in the fight against terrorism.”Mrs. Robinson also voiced concern over “a possible trend seeking to weaken the protection role that this Commission has been exercising.” She said this was evident in voting patterns on country situations marked by a preference for excluding action if consensus was not possible.”The core role of the Commission in protecting human rights through drawing attention to violations and abuses must be retained, but it is clear that in the future it needs to be matched by a much more significant commitment to provide resources for technical cooperation and advisory services to assist countries in building and strengthening their national capacity in the rule of law, the administration of justice, and adherence to human rights norms and standards,” she said. “Criticism will then be perceived as constructive and forward-looking, not finger-pointing in a judgmental way.”Responding to press questions after her speech, Mrs. Robinson said she had a “very good” meeting yesterday with the fact-finding mission which is headed to the region to develop accurate information regarding recent events at the Jenin refugee camp.Asked about Israel preventing her own planned trip to the region, she said, “I made no secret of the fact that I regretted that it was not possible for the visiting mission to go under the mandate which it had been given.” She added that it was “particularly difficult to address the human rights concerns in the very complex and political environment of what is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel.” read more

Senator gathers all the ladies of Leinster House for photo shoot

first_imgSENATOR IVANA BACIK wants to mark the 95th anniversary of the first election in which Irish women could vote with a special event for all female senators and deputies – past and present.The 1918 General Election also saw Constance Markievicz election as the first woman TD and MP.The commemoration, to be held on Tuesday, will involve a reading of a speech about women’s right to vote which was given by Markievicz ahead of polling day on 14 December 1918.An official photograph of all of Leinster House’s current and past female representatives will also be taken. An image from a similar occasion in December 2008 now hangs on the walls of Leinster House, just opposite the Captain’s office.“This year, it is important that we mark this historic anniversary again, both by celebrating and honouring the many women who have been elected to the Dáil and Seanad since 1918, but also by noting how small the numbers of women are as a proportion of our elected representatives overall,” says Bacik. More must be done to encourage women to enter political life – and events like this may help to raise awareness about the need for more women to enter political life.“There are currently 26 women TDs out of 166; and 19 women Senators out of 60. If all 45 of us are present in the Seanad chamber next Tuesday, the 60-seat chamber will then have a majority of women representatives present for the first time ever.”Read: Dáil bar is exempt from holding a licence and its operation will not changelast_img read more

Skype to Acquire Qik for 150 Million

first_imgSkype has just announced that “it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Qik,” according to the Qik blog. Qik allows users to stream and shoot video from their smartphones. There’s talk that it will be bought for $100 million, then we heard $150 million — we’re really not sure just yet. Either way, it will probably be for a big chunk of change. Skype has already reached out to Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users by introducing mobile video calling for those devices. The acquisition of Qik could help Skype reel in more of the mobile videoconferencing market. According to Qik’s blog, the company had a huge year in 2010. It started the year with 600,000 users and ended with 5 million users, which is undoubtedly thanks to its partnerships with companies including Sprint, T-Mobile, Nokia, HTC, and Samsung. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Skype said the deal will add video “recording, sharing and storing capabilities to Skype’s product portfolio.”last_img read more

Jordan Peele Warns Effedup Dystopia Using AI to Make Fake Obama Video

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The problem with reality is that discerning what truly is can take an enormous amount of work. Take science, for instance. There is actually pretty consistent data on what types of food most should be eating — particularly if you do deep dives into the research to investigate the methodology of this or that study. But most people (and, seemingly, members of the press) don’t have time to investigate each of these. That makes it very easy for someone to come in with a bogus source and claim something that is, that just ain’t so. Jordan Peele is now among those sounding alarm bells about a potential “fake news apocalypse.” With technology and particularly machine learning tools making it easier to replicate people’s faces and re-jigger them to do whatever (see also: fake porn). Peele, Academy Award-winning director of Get Out, has put out a PSA warning about how easy it will be in short order for people to create their own videos of famous world leaders saying just about anything. And when that era comes, what can we do?In the video above, Peele has Obama saying things like “Killmonger was Right” and “Donald Trump is a Dipshit.” This is all based on some new innovations in tech allowing computers to take videos of people, and augment their expression with AI. Combine that with a talented voice actor or the type of vocal reproduction tech we saw last year, and you can start getting disturbing close to something that could start tricking people. The seems are still pretty obvious for now, but how many of your relatives have you seen sharing and believing low-res meme images on facebook? Muck the video up a little, and it’d fool someone today, probably. In a few years, this tech could be truly terrifying. In the video, which was made in partnership with BuzzFeed and, Peele pleads for more rigorous consumption of media. And he quite cleverly plays with BuzzFeed’s rather odious reputation thanks to clickbait-y title, “You Won’t Believe What Obama Says in This Video! ”We sure are living in a time.last_img read more

Puerto Ricans in Paris

first_imgThere are three things Shireen loves: Pitbull, Luis Guzmán and a high-end handbag. Those three things come together in “Puerto Ricans in Paris,” and Deco’s Chris Van Vliet came together with the movie’s stars on South Beach.The movie is about two New York City detectives, played by Luis Guzmán and Edgar Garcia, with a specialty for tracking down counterfeit handbags.Frédéric Anscombre (as Vincent): “That bag is the center of our campaign. There are only two in the world, and one has been stolen.”When a rare bag disappears in Paris, they’re put on the case.Chris Van Vliet: “Well, you guys shot in Paris. Did you pick up any French?”Edgar Garcia: “‘Oui.’”Luis Guzmán: “I think he picked up more French than me. I picked up other things.” Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Chris Van Vliet: “Uh oh.”Edgar Garcia: “Bagels, baguettes, macaroons.”The movie’s executive producer is Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull.Chris Van Vliet: “Does he call you up directly and say, ‘Want to be in my film?’”Luis Guzmán: “No. Actually, it worked the other way around, and he called up and said, ‘Hey, guys. How can I help?’”The movie is a buddy comedy in the truest sense of the phrase, and despite a language barrier and some cultural differences in Paris, these cops stop at nothing to get the job done.Chris Van Vliet: “Real bags and fake bags look pretty similar to the untrained eye, like mine. If I were to buy a fake bag and give it to a significant other, do you think she’d know? center_img Edgar Garcia: “Oh, yeah. You don’t want that. A woman knows a counterfeit.”Chris Van Vliet: “How do they know?”Edgar Garcia: “I think it’s something instilled in them.”Luis Guzmán: “Now, I gotta be careful here now, because I might be promoting some illegality or something here. So I would say get the real bag. I changed my mind on that.”Chris Van Vliet: “It’s one of these. Get the real bag. (shakes head) That’s what you’re saying.”Luis Guzmán: “That’s what I’m saying. (shakes head) No, that’s — yeah.”“Puerto Ricans in Paris” is in theaters and on video On Demand June 10. And Luis told me, Miami is a special place for him, because he got his first big break on an episode of “Miami Vice.” last_img read more

Steve Jobs lookalike photo boots up new Apple conspiracy theories

first_img Conspiracy theorists claim Apple genius Steve Jobs is alive and hiding in Egypt’ https://t.co/PePFKf4Jhm pic.twitter.com/yn2il4P1nZ— The Sun (@TheSun) August 26, 2019 Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Apple See it 14 If Steve Jobs were really alive, I doubt that he would be keeping quiet about the rumored ceramic casing of the upcoming Apple Watch.— Joe Original ™ (@AFutureGhost) August 26, 2019 News • Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Galaxy Watch Active: What’s the best smartwatch? Some people had other angles on Jobs’ apparent twin. “If Steve Jobs were really alive, I doubt that he would be keeping quiet about the rumored ceramic casing of the upcoming Apple Watch,” wrote one Twitter user. See All Dead Trillion Dollar corporation founder hiding in terrorist infested EgyptConspiracy theorists: Seems legit— Wag669 (@Wagner669) August 26, 2019 $349 Whoever the unknown man is, one Reddit user has a great career opportunity idea for him.”Apple should hire this guy, bring him to USA and start a campaign that the Jobs is back from the dead,” wrote the user going by Jonesderserder. “iMalive. And he could fix the keyboards in Macbooks.” And of course, the constant conspiracy theory that the late singer Elvis Presley isn’t dead either was mentioned. “THE FAT GUY NEXT TO HIM IS ELVIS,” said one Twitter user. Don’t let the Steve Jobs conspiracy theory fake you out See It Mentioned Above Apple Watch Series 4 GPS (40mm silver aluminum case, white sport band) Don’t be silly everyone knows Elvis lived for years in New York..— JohnArmstrong-Millar (@ArmstrongMillar) August 26, 2019 Review • Apple Watch Series 4 review: ECG, and a lot of refinements Best Buy THE FAT GUY NEXT TO HIM IS #ELVIS— JAY T (@STOCKMASTER2000) August 26, 2019 Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Steve Jobs Apple Aug 31 • Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Choose the best 5G carrier See It Random See It damn if that was only an apple watch— Travis Wright (@TravisW32112136) August 26, 2019 $399 Share your voice Now playing: Watch this: Comments No question, the image looks a lot like the late computer mogul. He’s even barefoot, as Jobs often was.But just in case anyone was tempted to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon claiming Steve-Jobs-is-alive-just-like-Elvis, check the man’s wrist.”OMG Steve Jobs doesn’t wear an Apple Watch!” said one Reddit user.Social media was all about sharing the look-alike’s photo. One Twitter user captioned a photo of the real billionaire as “Steve Jobs,” and marked the photo of the barefoot look-alike, “Steve No Job.” Aug 31 • Apple iPhone 11 launches Sept. 10, Disney Plus in big demand reading • Steve Jobs look-alike photo boots up new Apple conspiracy theories $349 $399 Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Adorama Steve Jobs Steve no job pic.twitter.com/gC1mqscqJN— منصور (@x6oor) August 25, 2019 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. • How To • How to use the Apple Watch ECG app Preview • Apple Watch Series 4 review in progress (updated) Tags 1:27 Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died in 2011 at age 56, eight years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. But a recent photo of a Jobs look-alike, apparently taken in Egypt, started fans buzzing.The photo was shared over the weekend on Reddit by numerous users. The earliest use of the image I could find dates to Saturday, when Facebook user Ahmed Basyouney shared it there. Basyouney didn’t immediately respond to questions about whether he was the original photographer.last_img read more

BIE denies recognition to 1338 junior colleges

first_imgHyderabad: The Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) has decided not to accord recognition to 1338 private junior colleges in the state for their failure to adhere to the guidelines prescribed by the government. Out of the 1699 private colleges in the state, only 361 junior colleges have got the recognition, said Board Secretary A Ashok, adding that the remaining colleges have been asked to fulfil all the norms, including the appointment of Physical Director, Librarian and other mandated posts with immediate effect. Also Read – Two Urban forest parks inaugurated in Hyderabad Advertise With Us He also asked the junior college managements to take up the recruitment within three months. According to the officials, about 75 colleges do not possess mandatory fire safety certificates. Releasing the Inter Advanced Supplementary results, Ashok said that over 64 per cent of candidates, out of 3,00,607 students appeared for the first-year examinations (regular and vocational courses) have passed. Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us A total of 2,86,098 students appeared for the exams in regular courses, out of which 1,86,460 passed. Among the students who cleared the examinations in regular courses, 1,00,636 candidates got ‘A’ grade, 41,835 ‘B’ grade, 25,547 ‘C’ grade and 18,422 got ‘D’ grade. Out of 1,38,166 girls who took the examinations in regular courses, 96,883 have passed. With this the pass percentage has gone up to 70.1. Similarly, 60.5 per cent of boys cleared the exams out of 1,47,932 who attended the test conducted from June 7 to 14. Advertise With Us The cumulative pass percentage in the regular courses has come down to 69.6 per cent this year from 72.32 per cent last year. Ashok said junior college principals can collect the marks register and memorandum of marks from district education officers from July 30. Candidates can apply for re-verification and re-counting by paying Rs 600 and Rs 100 respectively through tsbie.cgg.gov.in on or before July 31. Discrepancies, if any, found in the memorandum of marks can be referred to the Board through principals concerned on or before August 22, Ashok said.last_img read more

Media should be blamed for everything Nur Hossains brother

first_imgNur HossainPrime accused in the Narayanganj 7-murder case Nur Hossain’s brother Nur Uddin has held the media responsible for Nur Hossain’s indictment in the sensational murder case.Nur Uddin made the accusation while talking to Prothom Alo outside the room of the High Court bench of justice Bhabani Prasad Singha and justice Mustafa Zaman Islam which are reading out the verdict on the death references and appeals in the sensational Narayanganj seven-murder cases.A Narayanganj court on 16 January last sentenced 26 people, including three RAB officials and ex-city councillor, and ruling Bangladesh Awami League (AL) leader Nur Hossain, to death and nine others to different jail terms in the two cases filed over the sensational seven-murder incident.Nur Uddin – just junior to Nur Hossain among their six brothers – is now controlling the “empire” Nur Hossain built in the commercial city of Narayanganj at the behest of the administration, according to the media reports.When his attention was drawn to his brother’s indictment, Nur Uddin said, “In fact, the situation has reached such a stage just because of the media. You please don’t mind.”According to Nur Uddin, it is the media which has expedited the trial of 7-murder case and that’s why they could not make necessary preparations to fight the legal battle.He said the trial began even before they appoint a counsellor in the lower court which handed down the death penalty for his brother.Nur Uddin hoped that his brother will be released and they will continue the legal battle until his release.On 27 April 2014, Narayanganj panel mayor Nazrul Islam, his three associates and driver were abducted from Fatullah area of Narayanganj.At the same time, senior lawyer at the District Judge’s Court Chandan Kumar Sarkar and his driver were abducted on their way to the capital.Three days after their abduction, the bodies of six including Nazrul and Chandan, were recovered from the Shitalakhya River.The following day, the body of Nazrul’s car driver Jahangir was recovered from the river.Later, Selina Islam Beauty, the widow of Nazrul Islam, filed a case against six people while advocate Chandan Sarkar’s son-in-law filed the other case.last_img read more

Trumps security adviser Flynn resigns

first_imgUS National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Reuters file photoPresident Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned late on Monday under scrutiny over whether he discussed the possibility of lifting US sanctions on Russia before Trump took office.Flynn submitted his resignation hours after Trump said through a spokesman that he was reviewing the situation and talking to Vice President Mike Pence. Flynn had promised Pence he had not discussed sanctions with the Russians but it was later discovered that the subject had come up.“Unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events, I inadvertently briefed the vice president-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador. I have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president, and they have accepted my apology,” Flynn said in his resignation letter.Retired General Keith Kellogg, who has been chief of staff of the White House National Security Council, was named the acting national security adviser while Trump determines who should fill the position.Retired General David Petraeus, a former CIA director, is under consideration for the position, a White House official said.Flynn’s resignation came after it was reported that the Justice Department warned the White House weeks ago that Flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail for contacts with Russian officials before Trump took power on Jan. 20.A US official confirmed a Washington Post report that Sally Yates, the then-acting US attorney general, told the White House late last month that she believed Flynn had misled them about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States.She said Flynn might have put himself into a compromising position, possibly leaving himself vulnerable to blackmail, the official said. Yates was later fired for opposing Trump’s temporary entry ban for people from seven mostly Muslim nations.Flynn, a retired US Army lieutenant general, was an early supporter of Trump and shares his interest in shaking up the establishment in Washington. He has frequently raised eyebrows among Washington’s foreign policy establishment for trying to persuade Trump to warm up US relations with Russia.last_img read more

Pastors Insist Grays Death Must Lead to Reform

first_imgThe Rev. Jamal H. Bryant encouraged family and friends in his eulogy. (Photos by Roberto Alejandro)With the nation’s eyes on Baltimore, local and national pastors presiding over the funeral of Freddie Gray insisted that Gray’s death not be in vain, but lead to substantial reforms.The funeral was attended by a large media presence—many in clothing far too casual for the occasion—a number of prominent national civil rights figures as well as a significant contingent of the city’s political elite. Among those who attended the funeral at the New Shiloh Baptist Church, just blocks from where Gray lived and suffered his fatal injuries on April 12, were the Rev. Jesse Jackson, U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, Baltimore City Council persons Nick Mosby, Carl Stokes, and Helen Holton, former NAACP president Kweisi Mfume, and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.“Freddie’s death is going to light a match, not of looting and burning, but [that] laws could change,” said Bishop Walter Scott Thomas, of New Psalmist Baptist Church at the funeral. “When he came into your life years ago as your baby boy, you knew not the purposes that were uniquely his. You had dreams of what he might be and who he might become, but God had bigger dreams. And even in the tragicness of this moment, a bigger dream is going to be blessed. The protests around his death, serves, [in] a sense, as the defibrillator to start the heartbeat of change in this city.”A little earlier, Gray family attorney Billy Murphy had spoken to what some of that change might look like.“The [nation] wants to know whether our courts are going to respond at the highest level. Whether our police department will be reformed so that blue wall of justice, that blue wall of police gets torn down. You know the blue wall I’m talking about. The one that says ‘right or wrong, we’re going to cover for you.’”That Gray’s death would lead to reform remained a theme throughout the service, and one picked up by the Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant, senior pastor of West Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple, who gave the eulogy.“Freddie’s death is not in vain,” preached Bryant to a loud response from those gathered to mourn Gray. “After this day we will keep on marching. After this day we will keep demanding justice. After this day we will keep exposing a culture of corruption.”The Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke towards the end of the service, addressing the sort of change needed in Baltimore.“Do we need more state police?” asked Jackson rhetorically. “I think, when I look at the westside, we need more housing and urban development. Sixteen thousand abandoned or vacant homes? Twenty-five percent unemployment? We don’t need more policemen, we need more jobs, job training education . . . The westside needs the same thing the harbor needs: credit, trusts, investment, TIF money.”The crowd gave loud affirmation to what Jackson was saying, expressing a common frustration with the uneven development in Baltimore that has left some neighborhoods gleaming and others with an unemployment rate hovering around 50 percent. Those frustrations would soon play out more loudly in rioting and looting that would begin to take place shortly after the funeral let out.But inside New Shiloh the focus was on the significance for structural change held by Gray’s untimely death.“We’re going to leave this service for Freddie more determined to make a difference in this city,” prayed New Shiloh’s pastor, the Rev. Dr. Harold Carter Jr., “this nation, and this world.”ralejandro@afro.comlast_img read more

8th annual Spirited Women of Baltimore Power Lunch Awards

first_imgMyCity4Her.com will present the 8th annual Spirited Women of Baltimore Power Lunch & Awards, Aug. 11, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Over 300 female and male leaders, doers, go getters and spirited members of the community are anticipated for high power networking, a gourmet meal and inspired awards presentation to 17 individuals who make extraordinary contributions to their community. Visit www.mycity4her.com  or call 443-672-CITY (2489) for more information.last_img

How fruit flies taste water

first_img(PhysOrg.com) — The ability to detect water and regulate water intake is essential for all animals because if cells have too little or too much water the consequences for the animal can be disastrous. It is unclear whether humans and other animals actually taste the water or just impurities within it, but studies have shown that insects can taste water. © 2010 PhysOrg.com More information: The molecular basis for water taste in Drosophila, Nature advance online publication 4 April 2010, doi:10.1038/nature09011 Explore further It has been known, for example, that the fruit fly (Drosophila) can taste water, but until now none of the molecular details of how the detection is achieved have been known. Now, scientists have discovered how the nerve cells in the feeding tube of Drosophila sense water and transit the information to the brain. This may lead to other discoveries about how cells sense and control their water content.The scientists found a newly discovered protein called PPK28 forms a channel spanning the membrane of a water-sensing nerve cell in Drosophila’s feeding tube. It is one of a family of ion channel proteins, but none of these proteins had previously been thought to be involved in regulating water flow. The research aiming to identify the water taste receptor in Drosophila was carried out by student Peter Cameron as a PhD thesis project, under the guidance of Kristin Scott, Professor of Genetics at the University of California, Berkeley. The researchers compared normal fruit flies to a mutant group lacking the channel. They showed the mutant flies with no active taste neurons drank for only around three seconds, while normal flies drank for about 10 seconds. Cameron and colleagues then compared the genes of the two fly groups and identified a gene called pickpocket 28 (ppk28) that expresses the protein PPK28 in the taste neurons. They then marked the protein with a fluorescent tag and compared its responses to various solutions. When the flies were given water, the protein lit up, indicating it was sending a signal to their brains. The researchers found that when the ppk28 gene was missing, the flies did not respond to water, but when it was present they did. They also discovered the neurons responded more to plain water than to solutions containing salts, acids, sugars, or bitter compounds. When Cameron activated ppk28 genes in nerves usually involved in sensing bitterness, the nerves began to respond to water. Cameron said PPK28 is the only known water taste receptor ever found in Drosophila, but it is possible that other mechanisms may be at work.Cameron said the results may provide a framework for investigating water taste in other animals. The findings are reported in the journal Nature. a, b, ppk28-Gal4 drives GFP in gustatory neurons (a) and their axons (b) in the suboesophageal ganglion (SOG). PPK28 was previously reported in larval tracheae. c, d, PPK28 neurons (magenta) do not contain markers for sugar neurons (GR5A, green) (c) or bitter neurons (GR66A, green)(d). Image credit: Nature, doi:10.1038/nature09011 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: How fruit flies taste water (2010, April 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2010-04-fruit-flies.html Picky-eater Flies Losing Smell Geneslast_img read more

Elephant – the most exploited animal

first_imgDespite elephant-headed Ganesha being widely worshipped across India, at least 100 elephants die every year in the country, with many poached for ivory and many more captured and sold to traffickers. Years of exploitation have made the Asian elephant an endangered species, while their African counterparts too have become vulnerable. “It takes about six months of consistent torture to break an elephant calf’s strength and courage in order to domesticate it – thereby making it fit for sale,” said Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder of animal conservation organisation Wildlife SOS.  Also Read – Add new books to your shelfFor a juvenile elephant the degree of the torture is three times more in order to “break it”.After this “orientation”– which involves starvation, piercing of the ears with hot iron rods and pulling a rope through the pierced holes to restrict its movement, these animals are sold to circuses, temples, the timber-lifting trade or safaris for further training and service. According to elephant biologists, without the methods of torture it may take up to six years for a calf to become submissive.“They are being trafficked and poached from everywhere.” said Shekhar Kumar Niraj, Head TRAFFIC, WWF-India. Animal experts say that by the time elephants are rescued, they develop psychological disorders and are unfit to be released in the wild due to the extensive damage done to them. In India, less than 100 elephant corridors remain in the wild, with many dysfunctional and all shrinking.last_img read more