Senco extends support to LGBTQ community

first_imgSenco Gold & Diamonds, one of the largest jewellery retail chains of India, launched a special ‘Pride Collection’ as a gesture of support for the LGBTQ community.A unique fashion show titled ‘Sphulingo – Freedom of Expression’ with a group of transgender men and women led by well-known Professor (College Principal) and LGBT activist Dr Manabi Bandyopadhyay dressed in mythological characters from Indian epics, sashayed down the ramp at Senco Gold and Diamonds’ mega shop on CIT road in Kolkata. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainEvoking the spirits and memories of the mythological figures, the group represented characters of Sikhondi (Shankori Mandal); Mohini (Rintu); Raja Vongashon (Sandipta Chhetri); Chitrangada (Sayantani Ghosh); Raja Ela (Roma Mandal); Krishna Koli (Pritam Mondol); Brihhonnola (Bikram) and Chandi(Dr Manabi Bandyopadhyay). The month of June is celebrated as the Pride Month across the world to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969 as well as to recognise the impact LGBTQ people have had in the world. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardSpeaking on the occasion, Suvankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds, said: “We have launched our Pride Collection in honour of the LGBT community, especially the transgender women on the occasion of Pride month. Many of these women have striven hard to achieve what they have in our society despite the odds stacked against them. We salute them and their indomitable spirits through this fashion show. The collection, immaculately crafted and designed, would appeal to all sections of buyers we cater to with different varieties that we offer from our stable.” The Pride Collection consists of uniquely designed gold and silver pendants named Trans Hearty, G-Rex and Less More. The Gold collection price starts from Rs. 16,000 and silver collection Rs 500 onward.last_img read more

War of Words between Moroccan and Saudi MPs at the Arab…

Rabat – An acrimonious disagreement between a Saudi and Moroccan members of parliament ignited a series of defiant exchanges at the recent gathering of Arab parliamentarians in Cairo, Egypt.Speaking to Moroccan outlet le 360, the ruling Justice and Development Party MP Abdellatif Benyacoub said that the fierce dialogue started because of his vehement objection to the introduction by the Saudi MP of four proposals in the final communiqué  without consulting other MPs.According to Benyacoub, Mishaal ben Fahm al Salami, the Saudi MP who is the current chair of the Arab parliament, condemned the French government’s handling of the Yellow Vests protests in one of his proposals. The clause pointed to France’s “state violence” and “human rights abuse.”   Read Also: Saudi Arabia at War with America’s Rising Muslim PoliticiansWhile angered by the fact that the Saudi MP made the additions without asking for other MPs’ opinions, Benyacoub told le 360 he could not stand the “vindictive” language Al-Salami used in condemning France. He suggested he felt that the condemnation was biased, uncalled for, and politically motivated.“I expressed to the Saudi president of the Arab parliament my reservations about the resolutions and requested the clause that condemned France be cancelled,” the Moroccan MP said.“I told him that his denunciation of France was unfounded and inappropriate.”But why would a Moroccan MP mount a fierce objection to draft proposals made in the Arab parliament to condemn a European country?Apparently aware that his statements are bound to be interpreted as a pro-France stance, Benyacoub said that he simply felt that the Cairo gathering had no legal right to interfere in political developments in France. Not only was the Arab parliament interfering in France’s internal affairs, but democracy and human rights in France are more “robustly respected than they are in many Arab countries.”“I said that France’s democracy is solid and exemplary… unlike many Arab countries where human rights are not respected.”To the Moroccan’s pile of reservations and objections, however, the Saudi MP is believed to have answered that “the Arab parliament has the right to have opinions on any matter.”Was it all a pretext?But what if MPs’ disagreements on France’s handling of the Yellow Vests hide something much deeper? Did the strained bilateral ties between Morocco and Saudi Arabia play a role in the two MPS’ war of words?Morocco may have brought the point of order to the floor, but the North African country’s delegation was not alone is its opposition to the Saudi’s proposals.Read Also: King Mohammed VI Snubs Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin SalmanMPs representing Iraq and Qatar were among Morocco’s main supporters. Delegates who shared the Moroccan MP’s position are said to have pointed out that the “vindictive” Saudi MP had no genuine interest in France’s police’s handling of the Yellow Vests protests. Instead, they argued, Al-Salami wanted to “use the platform of the Arab parliament to denounce Paris in revenge for France’s condemnation of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”At the G20 summit earlier this month, France’s Emmanuel Macron was seen telling Saudi Arabia’s MBS off for supposedly “not listening” to the French president. “You never listen,” Macron told the Saudi prince, according a widely circulated footage of the pair’s brief conversation.However, a more important factor of the MPs’ swiping at each other may be the increasingly cold relations between Rabat and Riyadh. This month alone, a number of developments have brought to light the possibility of an impending rift in what used to be a “strategic,” “natural,” and “important” alliance. King Mohammed VI snubbed MBS’s request for an audience, eliciting rapturous comments from Moroccans who thanked the King en masse for his move.Most recently, the website of the Saudi football federation featured Morocco’s map without Western Sahara, sparking rage and resentment in Morocco. That was months after Saudi Arabia lobbied against Morocco’s bid to host the 2026 World Cup.Whether these series of head-on collisions between Saudi and Moroccan positions are deliberate and connected is debatable. What seems certain, though, is that a lot of what has been happening of late between Rabat and Riyadh suggest that the rift between the two allies may take time to come about, but it will come—at least if Rabat reaches a point where it can’t stand Riyadh’s continued provocations. read more

UN warns of harmful impact on poor farmers of narrow focus on

1 March 2010An over-dependence on genetically modified organisms to boost agricultural production eclipses other biotechnologies and their potential to benefit poor farmers in developing countries, warned the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) today. An over-dependence on genetically modified organisms to boost agricultural production eclipses other biotechnologies and their potential to benefit poor farmers in developing countries, warned the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) today. “Modern and conventional biotechnologies provide potent tools for the agriculture sector, including fisheries and forestry,” said FAO Assistant Director-General Modibo Traore.“But biotechnologies are not yet making a significant impact in the lives of people in most developing countries,” Mr. Traore told the FAO-sponsored conference on Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries in Guadalajara, Mexico.He told participants at the four-day gathering, co-hosted by the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), that most poor nations currently lack appropriate and useful technologies, policies, technical capacities, and the necessary infrastructure for the development, evaluation and deployment of biotechnologies.Biotechnological innovations – such as rice hybrids for Africa that have doubled yields and the use of artificial insemination to raise dairy cattle milk production in Bangladesh – can contribute significantly in doubling food production by 2050 and in addressing the uncertainties of climate change, according to FAO. However, the agency noted that there is often an emphasis on genetically modified organisms only, underscoring the need for a new approach to agricultural research and development which supports a wider use of biodiversity to promote development and improve food security.“New technologies should make their contributions also through efficiency gains from better management of inputs and biodiversity,” said Mr. Traore. “This will require greater involvement of farmers, institutions and communities.“It will require other enabling factors such as policies, institutional support, and investment in human and physical capital and in-country capacity building,” he added, urging the international community to play a key role in supporting developing countries.In addition to taking stock of how agricultural biotechnologies can contribute to help developing countries, this week’s conference will explore opportunities and partnerships to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to choose and use appropriate biotechnologies. read more

The Latest Report Strikes on Iranbacked fighters in Syria

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The Latest on tensions in the Persian Gulf and the fallout after weekend attack on major oil sites in Saudi Arabia (all times local):11:40 a.m.Syrian opposition activists say unknown aircraft have attacked posts of Iranian-backed fighters in an eastern town near the Iraqi border.The activists said the airstrike took place early Tuesday in Boukamal, in the eastern province of Deir el-Zour. There was no immediate word on casualties.Last week in Syria, unknown warplanes targeted an arms depot and posts of Iranian-backed militias in Boukamal, killing at least 18 fighters. A Syrian security official said Israeli jets were behind the attack but denied there were casualties.The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Deir Ezzor 24, an activist collective, said the strikes occurred near the border crossing with Iraq. The opening of the crossing, planned by Iraq and Syria, had been postponed several times in recent weeks.___10:30 a.m.Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says “there will be no talks with the U.S. at any level” — remarks apparently meant to end all speculation about a U.S.-Iran meeting at the U.N. later this month.Iranian state TV on Tuesday quotes Khamenei as saying this is the position of the entire leadership of the country and that “all officials in the Islamic Republic unanimously believe” this.There has been speculation about a possible meeting between President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, during the upcoming U.N. General Assembly this month in New York.Tensions roiling the Persian Gulf have escalated following a weekend attack on major oil sites in Saudi Arabia that U.S. alleged Iran was responsible for. Iran denies the charge.The Associated Press read more

Amid logistical challenges UN focuses on priority needs for cyclonehit Vanuatu

The Taunono community was completely destroyed when Super Cyclone Pam struck. Photo: UNICEF/UNI181136/Crumb A little boy Ceriel and his mother Marie, in the Taunono community, on the road to Mele, near Port Vila. Photo: UNICEF/UNI181138/Crumb Narua Joe Kwane is the chief of what used to be a village called Taunono, near Port Vila, before cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu on 13 March 2013. All houses have been destroyed. Photo: UNICEF/UNI181139/Crumb This family in the Nikinini community, mother Josephine and children Angelica, Jacquie, Jessica and Bojel, lost everything beacuse of Super Cyclone Pam. The cyclone has affected 60,000 children. Photo: UNICEF/UNI181140/Crumb Volunteers pack school bags at UNICEF’s Pacific regional warehouse in Suva, Fiji to be dispatched to Cyclone Pam affected areas. Photo: UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0445/Hing ‹ ›Ms. Byrs noted that the Government has requested satellite equipment to facilitate communication between the islands, as well as support to set up communications systems to coordinate the humanitarian response.The UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU), for its part, said today it has dispatched emergency telecommunications equipment to Vanuatu following the devastation caused by the cyclone. At the request of the Government, ITU has sent 40 satellite phones, 10 Broadband Global Area Network terminals, and 35 solar panels to support relief coordination efforts.Noting that over 80 per cent of the population in Vanuatu is engaged in agriculture, Ms. Byrs said that different assistance would be needed to support those who have suffered losses in the agricultural sector, which had been severely affected by the storm. This included destruction of the banana crop and most coconut trees, loss of vegetable and fruit crops, destruction of small livestock and fishing infrastructure, as well as loss of food and seed stocks.Coconut plantations, which are the key agricultural commodity in the country, are likely to have been severely damaged, she added. Given the heavy reliance of communities on coconuts and coconut products, impact on livelihoods is likely to be long-lasting. Fishing is a key livelihood in coastal areas, and it might now have been disrupted due to severe winds resulting in loss of fishing boats and other assets.Meanwhile, the country’s Ministry of Health today began a measles prevention campaign with support from UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO).This is critically important given the low routine immunisation rates and a recent measles outbreak in early March, according to a news release on the campaign, the purpose of which is to prevent a measles epidemic in a population made doubly vulnerable by low immunisation coverage and the cyclone disaster.UNICEF is also distributing health supplies for children and families affected by the cyclone, including basic health kits, oral rehydration salt sachets, zinc tablets, vitamin A capsules, and de-worming tablets. The agency has also donated tents, school backpacks with school supplies, recreation kits, hygiene kits, water tanks, soap for hand washing, collapsible water containers and water purification tables.According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Cyclone Pam – which also impacted the Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu – had been one of the most powerful cyclones to make landfall, with winds having been estimated to have reached 250 km/hr with gusts of 320 km/hr.“Its maximum speed had been more than enough to lift an airplane when it had made a direct hit on the capital, Port Vila,” WMO’s Clare Nullis told reporters in Geneva.She noted that the early warnings issued by WMO’s Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre in Fiji and by local meteorological services had indeed been accurate. “Without those warnings, the loss of life would have been much greater. Nonetheless, the intensity of the storm had been such that it had caused a lot of material damage.” A UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team arrived in the Pacific Ocean archipelago yesterday and began its work in supporting the Government of Vanuatu in coordinating the humanitarian response to Cyclone Pam.“The communication infrastructure is in poor condition, causing difficulties in the humanitarian coordination. However, the Government is clearly in charge of the response and President Baldwin Lonsdale has asked for international assistance,” Jens Laerke, spokesperson for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told a news conference in Geneva.The World Food Programme (WFP) is working to support the response in all areas of its mandate, including emergency food assistance, logistics and telecommunications interventions.“While there did not appear to be a need for the WFP to bring in large quantities of food assistance at present, WFP had been asked to provide logistics support for management of relief items, technical assistance in organising food distributions, and IT support,” spokesperson Elisabeth Byrs stated, adding that the agency has contingency stocks of High-Energy Biscuits on standby and ready to be airlifted into the country if necessary. Volunteers pack school bags at UNICEF’s Pacific regional warehouse in Suva, Fiji to be dispatched to Cyclone Pam affected areas. Photo: UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0447/Hing read more

8 insignificant things that will totally stress you out

first_img1. When someone keeps sniffing instead of blowing their nose Flickr/DOliphant6. The keypad noiseFlickr/@heyamberrae7. Being in a massive queue for the busAnd the person in front doesn’t have their change ready. As if they didn’t realise they were about to get on a bus. Flickr/D464-Darren Hall8. When someone else’s phone goes off… and it’s YOUR ALARM TONE Flickr/osseous2. When someone keeps channel hoppingFlickr/Tilemahos Efthimiadis3. Blister packs that are impossible to openWithout military-grade weaponryke8p.us4. Compulsive leg jigglers in your vicinityJust ignore them. I CAN’T.YouTube5. When you’re in a carAnd someone doesn’t slow down at the EXACT moment you would. Flickr/twicepix; fear photo via ShutterstockWhat did we miss? Let us know what grinds your gears…7 important life lessons you can learn from Seth Rogen>The best dancer on the internet is this old man>last_img read more

Flix on Stix will rent or sell you movies and games on

first_imgIt’s a plan that’s been percolating in the back meeting rooms of Hollywood and flash memory executives for awhile now, but Redbox’s armada of DVD-serving kiosks is soon to have some competition thanks to Flix On Stix, a new movie kiosk service that lets you rent movies on thumb drives over optical media. The concept’s pretty simple: the problem with DVD kiosk rentals is either forcing consumers to return their disk, or filling landfills with discarded discs which have chemically degraded to an unreadable state over time.AdChoices广告Flix on Stix aims to be more convenient while simultaneously more green friendly: if you want to rent a game or TV show or movie, you’re allowed to either rent or purchase the title, then directed to insert a USB drive. Insert your handy dongle and the file will be encased in DRM and squirted onto your flash drive, which can then be viewed on any computer or media player with a USB port. It even plays well with USB 3.0, which is pretty neat.How does Flix on Stix work if you don’t have a thumb drive? Simple: theyll be happy to sell you one for a slightly higher price. It’s not a bad solution, but honestly, my guess is the people who rent DVDs from kiosks aren’t exactly the AVI on USB stick movie-watching type. Redbox probably has a while before it truly needs to be worried.Read more at Yahoolast_img read more

Special editions of 3DS XL planned for Pokemon X and Y launch

first_imgNintendo rarely misses an opportunity to paint a new design on the case of the 3DS, and the upcoming release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y is no exception. At launch, in Japan at least, there will be two special edition 3DS XL available to purchase alongside the games.As there’s two games, there’s two 3DS XL designs to choose from. The first is in blue, the second gold. I actually prefer the design on the gold, but would like it on the blue background. Saying that though, this isn’t the best special edition 3DS designs I have seen. For example, the Animal Crossing: New Leaf one is much better.As it’s Pokemon related, by default both these 3DS XL will fly off the shelves in Japan. Many of those sales will likely go to gamers who already own a 3DS and will either keep these as collector’s items or use them just to play Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Picking up either handheld sees you not only get the special design, but a copy of X or Y game depending on the color you choose. Nintendo has also included a 4GB SD card and the standard 6 AR cards.Alongside announcing the designs, Nintendo has released a new trailer for the games which you can watch below:Pokemon X and Y will both be available on October 12 worldwide. These special edition 3DS are currently only planned for release in Japan, although we could still see announcements for their availability across the US and Europe. Maybe we’ll even see slightly different designs and colors offered.last_img read more

Le CNRS second en nombre de publications dans la revue Nature

first_imgLe CNRS, second en nombre de publications dans la revue NatureEn 2010 la revue scientifique Nature a publié 182 articles signés ou cosignés par des chercheurs du CNRS. Avec ce chiffre, le CNRS se place en seconde position dans le Top 50 des universités et institutions les plus prolifiques.La revue scientifique Nature connaît la même notoriété que Science ou le Lancet. En publiant chaque année des centaines d’articles scientifiques, elle sert de vitrine aux scientifiques qui font part de leurs découvertes et soumettent leurs résultats à l’examen de leurs pairs tout en permettant au public d’en apprendre davantage sur le monde qui l’entoure.À lire aussiPourquoi l’eau des océans est-elle salée ?Le CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) est le plus gros institut de recherche français. Ce n’est donc pas un hasard s’il se place en deuxième position dans le Top 50 qu’a réalisé le groupe Nature Publishing pour savoir quelles universités et institutions avaient publié le plus d’articles dans ses pages. Le CNRS a publié 182 articles dans la revue Nature et toutes ses publications connexes : Nature Genetics, Nature Physics, Photonics…En première position se trouve l’université américaine d’Harvard avec 238 articles, puis, derrière le CNRS, les Instituts Max Planck allemands. Comme l’indique Sciences et Avenir, il faut descendre jusqu’à la 14e position pour retrouver un autre établissement européen. Il s’agit de l’université britannique d’Oxford qui a proposé 81 articles en 2010.Le 16 mai 2011 à 20:06 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Dunkin Donuts Goes Galactic With New Cosmic Drinks Donuts

first_img You don’t have to be an astronaut to enjoy the wonders of space: Dunkin’ Donuts has introduced two new Cosmic Coolatta frozen drinks—and a matching intergalactic donut.Stay cool this summer (literally and figuratively) with the “out-of-this-world” Cosmic Cotton Candy Coolatta or Cosmic Pineapple Coolatta.The brightly colored beverages feature a candy floss or tropical fruit base, topped with blue raspberry for an intended effect that looks something like an edible aurora.“To help guests stay refreshed as warmer weather arrives, Dunkin’ Donuts is serving any small-sized Coolatta frozen beverage for the special price of $2,” the company announced on Monday.The offer ends May 27.via news.dunkindonuts.comPastry fans, meanwhile, will be “over the moon” (Dunkin’s words, not mine) with this month’s launch of the comet candy donut, decorated with icing and pink, blue, and purple popping candy “for a blast of flavorful fun.”Cosmic Coolatta drinks and comet candy donuts are available at participating restaurants for a limited time.And, it turns out April showers bring more than May flowers.Today marks the return of the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich—the heavenly sounding egg, melted cheese, and smoked sausage stacked on an English muffin. As well as Dunkin’s brown sugar chipotle bacon breakfast sandwich, which features a double portion of caramelized brown sugar chipotle bacon.Where do I sign up?Unfortunately, the morning meals are also limited-time promotions.Dunkin’ Donuts is no stranger to seasonal stunts. The coffeehouse recently teamed up with Saucony to design a sneaker as sweet as a chocolate glaze.The Saucony x Dunkin’ Kinvara 9 sprinkles magenta, orange, and white flourishes from heel to toe; coffee bean accents and DD logos adorn the footgear, which also features hot and iced coffee insoles.Even the accompanying box looks like something you’d carry into the office on a Friday morning to surprise coworkers.The $110 limited-edition shoe, however, is harder to get than a Boston Kreme donut. Saucony’s Dunkin’ Kinvara 9 sold out online just three days after pre-orders opened. Stay on target NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendHubble Captures Saturn’s ‘Phonograph Record’ Ring System last_img read more


first_img TCI European Union money could be lost due to UK referendum on membership Dames is first Hospitality Hero Related Items:Adonni Garland, anya williams, Bjorn Griffiths, Demardo Clare, immigration task force, Lorenzo Wilson, Tito Forbes, Velika Brooks, Wendy Seymour DEPUTY GOVERNOR SPEAKS OF STREAMLINING GOVERNMENT SERVICES. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks & Caicos Islands, 14 Oct 2014 (TCIG Press Release) – In the October edition of the Deputy Governor’s regular articles that mark and celebrate the contribution of public servants to the Turks and Caicos Islands, the head of the civil service this month turns the attention of the ‘spotlight’ programme to the Immigration Task Force.The Honourable Anya Williams said:“The Ministry of Border Control & Labour’s Immigration Task Force plays a very vital role in the Turks and Caicos Islands and in my belief is second only to the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force in terms of ensuring our national security.“Although it clearly has many important functions, I wish to spotlight those key tasks associated with the preservation of national security. These functions act as deterrent to people who arrive on our shores without adequate documentation and people who try to do this are being increasingly detected, arrested and repatriated as necessary.“Clearly, the Immigration Task Force is essential to the operations of the Border Control & Enforcement Department, culminating the efforts of intelligence, compliance and investigation. “Theirs can be a challenging job, yet the team conducts its operations in a professional, lawful and humane manner, with desperate people who have often risked everything that they have to try and get here illegally. The Immigration Task Force works closely with other key agencies such as the Police, HM Customs and the Employment Services department towards the benefit of the Turks and Caicos Islands.“It is to their credit that their work is driven by intelligence and evidence, always ensuring that their efforts are complaint with our ordinances. “So, on behalf of their fellow public servants and the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands I would like to recognise and sincerely thank each and every member of the Immigration task force for everything that they do on our behalf.”ENDS Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Hasina terms Khaledas Coxs Bazar visit festive

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh HasinaPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday deplored the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia for her “festive and luxurious” visit to Cox’s Bazar in the name of seeing the woes of the Rohingyas.Responding to a question from female parliament member Fazilatun Nesa Bappi in the Jatiya Sangsad, the prime minister said Khaleda Zia’s jubilant and colourful journey with hundreds of motor vehicles, drums and elephants made the people confused whether she went there to attend any matrimony or see the condition of the Rohingya people.“Khaleda Zia’s visit to Cox’s Bazar was seemed to be showdown of her party and they have concentrated on that side,” the premier said, reports BSS.Hasina also blasted Begum Zia for her remarks that the government failed to send back the Rohingyas to Myanmar and carry out relief operation among them.Sheikh Hasina said historically the BNP has no record of standing beside the people during their bad days. She recalled the influx of Rohinghyas in Bangladesh in 1991 saying at that time Awami League reached Cox’s Bazarmuch ahead of the then BNP government to support the Rohingyas.Sheikh Hasina said the Awami League always stands beside people out of its sympathy towards people as part of party’s political commitment which is different from the BNP and Jamaat.The prime minister also said Khaleda Zia has many histories of failure. She failed to foil the election, overthrow the government, wage movement and finally to win in the court to keep occupying her cantonment residence.This is why she always sees failure of the government in everything, the Sheikh Hasina said.last_img read more

Avengers Endgame Will Be Marvels Longest Superhero Film

first_img Get your popcorn ready: Avengers: Endgame will have a run time of approximately three hours, making it Marvel’s longest superhero movie to date.Marvel and Disney haven’t disclosed the official length of the film yet, which will debut in theaters on April 26, The Hollywood Reporter noted. On Tuesday, Fandango suggested that the movie was three hours and two minutes, prompting fans on Twitter to ask for more details. However, by Wednesday morning, the company removed the statement from its social media accounts.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><em><strong>More on</strong></em>&nbsp;</p><p>Even though three hours and two minutes wasn’t confirmed as the official run time, sources told The Hollywood Reporter that it’s close. It’s likely that Marvel and Disney will give up one showing per day due to the movie’s three-hour mark. Box office analysts told The Hollywood Reporter that they might make up for this by showing Avengers: Endgame in many auditoriums within each theater complex.Avengers: Endgame will most likely be longer than Marvel’s recent superhero flicks: Avengers: Infinity War, which premiered on April 27, 2018, ran for two hours and 29 minutes, while Avengers: Age of Ultron, had a run time of two hours and 21 minutes.Catch the remaining superheroes who survived the snap in Avengers: Endgame next month.More on’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Posters Reveal Surviving and Fallen SuperheroesMarvel’s New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer Reunites Remaining SuperheroesMovieBob’s 11 Best ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theories Stay on target What to Expect From the Marvel Cinematic Universe at SDCC 2019‘Avengers: Endgame’ Returns to Theaters With Extra Post-Credits Scene last_img read more

These arent socks theyre ultraportable shoes

first_imgFor a $35 pledge, you get a pair of Skinners in your color and size and you get a handy travel bag to stuff them in. That will come in handy when you get them dirty trekking down forest trails. Ever skipped packing a second pair of shoes for a trip because they took up too much room in your bag or added too much weight? You’ll never have that problem with Skinners.That’s because Skinners won’t take up that much more space than the average pair of socks. They even look a lot like socks, but they’re definitely shoes according to their creators — who are currently trying to fund the first batch of Skinners on Kickstarter.The shoes are a lot like Vibram’s goofy-looking FiveFingers, minus the individual toes. Their design is about as minimal as it gets. There are no laces and no tongue, just the stretchy, viscose boot and a flexible, durable rubber sole. It’s made of the same kind of stuff that goes on ultra-tough work gloves, and it can take a lot of abuse. Broken glass — and even dastardly Lego bricks — can’t hurt you with Skinners on your feet.There’s another way Skinners keep you protected, though. Like a lot of recent clothing projects to hit Kickstarter, the material used in Skinners is infused with silver. That helps keep bacteria in check and a pair of smelly shoes from stinking up your environment.Another thing that’s different about Skinners is that they don’t have to be made in as many different sizes. In fact, they come in nearly as many colors as sizes. They run from XS to XXL and you can choose red, orange, pink, fluorescent yellow, lime green, blue, and white. Well, the logo on the shoes will be that color. As far as the actual shoes go, you’re getting black no matter what.last_img read more

Mind reading can foster better teamwork at workplaces

first_imgAccording to an interesting study, such “observing” people are high in mind-reading motivation (MRM) which can lead to many social benefits, including better teamwork.MRM is a newly coined term for the practice of observing and interpreting bits of social information. It is the tendency to engage with the mental states and perspectives of others. “We’re not talking about the psychic phenomenon or anything like that but simply using cues from other people’s behaviour, their non-verbal signals, to try to figure out what they’re thinking,” said Melanie Green, associate professor in University at Buffalo. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Individuals high in MRM enjoy speculating on others’ thoughts based on the potentially hundreds of social cues they might receive. Those low in MRM dislike or have no interest in doing so. MRM is about the motivation to engage with other minds, and is distinct from the ability to accurately interpret others’ cues. “We didn’t measure ability directly in our study of teamwork but the research suggests that just the motivation to understand others, and presumably the behaviours that go along with that motivation, appear to lead to benefits,” Green added. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixIn addition to facilitating cooperation and better teamwork, people high in MRM also consider people in great detail and have a nuanced understanding of those around them. “High MRM people are more drawn to and pay more attention to messages with an identifiable source – a spokesperson or an ad focusing on company values – that is, someone whose perspective they can try to understand,” Green noted.On the other hand, low MRM people seem to pay more attention to ads that are more impersonal.last_img read more

EC seeks report from DM on Nashkars controversial remarks

first_imgKolkata: Election Commission has sought a report from the District Magistrate of East Midnapore on the derogatory statement of BJP candidate from Tamluk, Siddhartha Nashkar.During an election campaign in Tamluk, Nashkar allegedly made some derogatory remarks on Friday and allegedly urged the BJP workers to beat up other party activists. Following the incident, various political parties moved to the Commission demanding action against the BJP candidate from Tamluk. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) in the state sought a detailed report from the DM and also the video of the election rally. The Election Commission will examine the video footages of the BJP candidate. They will take a decision after going through the video. It may be mentioned that many BJP candidates have courted controversy in the recent past for their derogatory remarks and it seems to continue unabated. BJP’s Basirhat candidate Sayantan Basu, Dilip Ghosh contesting the elections from Midnapore, Babul Supriyo contesting from Asansol had been under the scanner of the Election Commission for triggering controversies. It may also be mentioned here that some polling personnel from Birbhum have urged the Election Commission to keep an eye on Anubrata Mondal, Trinamool Congress president of the district, on the day of elections as they fear that Mondal may try to intimidate voters.last_img read more

Update Zebras safely back in game reserveUpdate Zebras safely back in game

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite A large number of wild animals escaped from Spioenkop Game Reserve on Monday (September 26) after speculation that the fences were cut by poachers.Zebras and other wildlife were spotted on the Winterton road (R600).Jabulani Mavundla, who is a driver at Spioenkop Game Reserve, has confirmed that the zebras have since been captured and are safely back in the game reserve. DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

Mexicos America Movil buys US firm Simple Mobile

first_img The difference between men and women when it comes to pain More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexico’s America Movil cellphone carrier has signed an agreement to buy U.S. wireless carrier Simple Mobile.America Movil says its U.S. subsidiary Tracfone Wireless Inc. will acquire Simple Mobile, which has over 1 million subscribers.The purchase caps a week of acquisitions by America Movil, Latin America’s largest cellphone carrier controlled by Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man. Top Stories Parents, stop beating yourself up Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debatescenter_img Comments   Share   New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths In a statement Thursday, America Movil said it expects to close the deal during the second quarter. It did not provide figures on the cost of the acquisition.Simple Mobile is a “mobile virtual network operator.” Such operators bundle or resell space on radio spectrum or wireless networks.On Tuesday America Movil announced a euro2.6 billion ($3.4 billion) public offer to acquire an additional 23.2 percent of Dutch carrier Royal KPN NV.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Sponsored Stories last_img read more