Georgia’s recount is going to be slow, costly, pointless, and embarrassing—which makes it perfect

first_imgTo make things even better, in a so-bad-it’s-good sort of way, Raffensperger might have tried to spare Georgia taxpayers from bearing the full cost of the recount. That’s because not only is there no automatic recount in Georgia law, there is nothing in the law that says the state picks up all the costs. Raffensperger could easily have done what Wisconsin did: offer to do a recount at the request of the Trump campaign, if the Trump campaign were willing to cover the costs. He might even have offered to split the costs in order to reduce the burden on both sides. But nope, he just dove right in and gave Trump an extra large, extra deluxe freebie.It might be worth noting that while there was a recount in Wisconsin in 2016, that recount request didn’t come from Hillary Clinton. Clinton called the Trump campaign literally seconds after the AP called the race at 2:30 in the morning to offer her concession and promise to help with the transition in any way she could. The reason there was a recount in Wisconsin was because it was requested by … Jill Stein.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Stein fundraised off her own donors, and off heartbroken Clinton supporters, with the promise that donations to her would go toward conducting recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Despite collecting an unknown amount of money, Stein’s requests for a recount in Michigan and Pennsylvania were denied. However, that Wisconsin recount did change the numbers … it found 131 more votes for Trump, which isn’t quite as much as a 2011 recount of a state supreme court race that changed the outcome by 312 votes. But it’s much larger than the last recount in Georgia, also over a judicial race, where the results were changed by just 15 votes. In fact, the margin in Georgia is more than 10 times the largest change ever discovered by a state-level recount.What Raffensperger is doing isn’t coming from any real concern that the outcome of the election might be inaccurate. Trump is not going to find a tenth as many votes as he needs to alter the recount, no matter how many hands sort the votes. This recount is all about Raffensperger and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp surrendering to the pressure from Republicans in Washington who have been whipping their state with claims of fraud.So the Georgia recount will be costly, pointless, embarrassing, and driven by state officials wilting under attacks they know are false. It will require hiring thousands of counters, paying out millions of dollars, and is unlikely to be complete before someone is forced to dust off a little Supreme Court decision called Bush v. Gore. It’s going to be perfect. Just perfect.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Wellcome Trust complains to chancellor over possible AstraZeneca deal

first_imgIn its letter, Wellcome said it had major concerns because of the importance of the pharmaceutical industry to wider biomedical research.Wellcome’s mission is to improve human and animal health, principally through funding biomedical research and its translation into healthcare.More than three-quarters of its £750m annual spending currently supports research in the UK.The letter, from Wellcome’s chairman Sir William Castell and director Jeremy Farrar, said: “Pfizer’s past acquisitions of major pharmaceutical companies have led to a substantial reduction in R&D activity, which we are concerned could be replicated in this instance.“If AstraZeneca does merge with Pfizer, we think it essential the R&D and manufacturing capability it offers to the UK is maintained and, critically, that its investment in its major R&D facility in Cambridge is not lost.”Wellcome said it was encouraged by Pfizer’s open letter to the UK prime minister, which included a commitment to complete and operate AstraZeneca’s Cambridge R&D facility, to employ a minimum of 20% of the combined company’s R&D workforce in the UK, and to maintain manufacturing capacity in the UK.But the letter continued: “We believe, however, that it is critical the government holds Pfizer to these commitments should its offer succeed, as the company has not always honoured similar undertakings made following past acquisitions. We would be pleased to hear how you propose to do so.”Wellcome declined to comment on any presumed shareholding in AstraZeneca. The Wellcome Trust – the UK’s largest charitable foundation, with a £16.5bn (€20.2bn) endowment – has written to chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne to raise “major concerns” about the proposed takeover of Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca by US multinational Pfizer.The possible takeover, which has so far been rejected by AstraZeneca, has provoked a wave of criticism in the UK and Sweden because of its potential effect on jobs.Andres Borg, Sweden’s finance minister, has claimed Pfizer broke promises made to maintain research investment in Sweden when it bought local drug maker Pharmacia in 2002.AstraZeneca is one of only two large pharmaceutical companies to pursue substantial research and development (R&D) activity within the UK.last_img read more

World Series

first_imgIt is November, and I guess the World Series is over.  I lost interest when the Reds lost the wild-card game.  I still advocate playing the season games in a 2-week shorter period of time.  The old timers could play double headers, and they weren’t even making $100,000 a year.  It seems if you make $4 million you have to have more time off.  This pushes the season into late October, and in some years, even into the first of November.  A 2-week shorter season would give 2 weeks of September for playoffs thus eliminating the one game farce that we have now.  This would allow at least a 2 out of 3 first round elimination.  If the Player Association refuses this shorter season, then cut 10 games off of the 162.  I think you will notice that the TV ratings keep going down the further into football season it goes.  I haven’t even mentioned what TV does to this whole system.  That, of course, is a story all by itself.last_img read more