Controlling body weight

first_imgControlling bodY weight is really a matter of controlling body fat. The most important consideration for health is not total weight, but body composition (proportion of fat to lean mass). Many persons who are ‘overweight’ are also ‘over fat’ and the health risks faced are due to the latter condition.The secret to managing body weight is eating moderately and getting regular physical activity. This adoption of healthy and sustainable habits will maximise energy and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. It will also boost body image as persons are becoming obsessed with weight and shape. However, this is sometimes associated with dangerouseating patterns and disorders.Body weight and body composition are determined by multiple factors that may vary with each individual. Such factors include genetic, physiological and lifestyle trends.Genetic factorsGenes influence body size and shape, body fat distribution and metabolic rates. Genetic factors also affect the ease with which weight is gained and where on the body it is added. If both parents are overweight, it is very likely that their children will be overweight.Physiological factorsn Metabolism this is a key physiological factor. It is the sum of all the vital processes by which food energy and nutrients are made available to the body. The largest component is the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). High RMR burns more calories and hence less weight is gained. The vice versa is true for low RMR.n Energy balance if the energy equation is balanced, an individual burns the same amount of calories as he/she consumes and no weight is gained. If more calories are taken in than expended, weight will increase.n Hormones hormonal changes, especially in females, play a role in the accumulation of body fat. For example,hormones during puberty initiates the development of breasts, wider hips and a fat layer beneath the skin. The hormone leptin is said to be linked toobesity.n Weight cycling repeatedly gaining and losing weight (yo-yo dieting) makes the body more efficient at storing calories and more difficult to lose weight.Lifestyle factorsn Eating increased energy intake and decreased physical activity may increase risk for excess body fat and obesity down the line. For example, eating calorie-dense foods of high fat, high sugar and fast foods low in nutrients, sodas and beers. Consider also the proportion sizes of high calorie meals.n Physical activity modern conveniences such as motor vehicles, remote controls, power machines, etc., have reduced daily physical activity. The lifestyle of men has become sedentaryn Psycho-social persons use food as a means of coping with stress and negative emotions. For many, eating provides a powerful distraction from loneliness, anger, boredom, sadness, and feelings of inadequacy. It can be used to combat low moods, low energy levels and low self-esteem. When food and eating becomes the primary means of regulating emotions, binge eating and other unhealthy eating patterns develop. Such practices may lead to obesity or anorexia.It is clear that most weight problems are lifestyle problems. Controlling weight is a matter of adopting healthy behaviours that can be maintained throughout life and will lower the health risks associated with overweight and obesity.Health risksn Being overweight or obese isn’t something to take lightly. These conditions greatly raise risks for other health problems. Excess body fat increases a person’s risk of developing numerous diseases and unhealthy conditions. Obesity is one of six controllable risk factors for heart disease. It also increases risk for other forms of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancers, diabetes, gall bladder disease, respiratory problems, joint diseases, skin problems, impaired immune function and sleep disorders.n Obese people have an overall mortality rate almost twice that of non-obese people. Studies have shown that women who gain more than 22 pounds since they were 18 years old have a sevenfold increase in the risk of heart disease. Studies also confirmed that overweight and obesity shorten lives.n Scientific evidence shows that the way people store fat affects their risk for disease. Statistics show that obese individuals with a lot of abdominal fat are clearly at higher risk than others with a similar amount of body fat stored in other areas (hip, thigh, gluteal). Evidence also indicates that those whose fat deposits around internal organs have an even greater risk for diseases than those with fat deposits beneath the skin.Risk assessment techniquesIt is clear that most weight problems are lifestyle problems. A few management techniques include:n Changes in diet and eating habitsn Increase physical activity and exercisen Get psychological helpn Manage emotionn Develop healthy stress coping skillsn Positive thinkinglast_img read more

AGAC “Committed to Modernizing Farming in Liberia”

first_imgAGAC Country Director,Mathew Ndote– By helping farmers assess their farms, says AGAC Boss Ndote The Country Director of Aim Global Agribusiness Company (AGAC), Mathew Ndote, said that his company is helping Liberian farmers to assess their farms and advise them on the status of the soil so that crops can thrive to yield bountiful harvests.Ndote, who spoke to the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday, emphasized that his company also recommends necessary improvements to farms to improve soil condition and empower Liberian farmers to generate higher yields and better their lives.“Aim Global is Liberia’s leading international agribusiness company that is involved with high quality seeds, agrochemicals and fertilizers. The company provides training and extension services to farmer who buy its products and services. We are committed to modernize farming by supplying various farming technologies such as irrigation, greenhouses and mechanized farming equipment among many others,” he revealed.He indicated that Aim Global Agribusiness Company also advises farmers on which kinds of crops to grow from planning for planting materials required, land preparation, showing them how to plant and protect the crops from pests and diseases, and linking them to buyers such as market men/women, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.Ndote made the statement on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, in an interview with this paper in the Aim Global Agribusiness Company office on 24th Street, Sinkor, following an assessment of farmland owned by Afro Green Liberia in Bensonville City.The Aim Global Agribusiness Company boss said the company also works with farmers involved in animal husbandry – farmers who raise animals for food. The company, he added, has a highly qualified staff that carries out far assessments, including soil tests at affordable rates.According to Ndote, Aim Global takes pride in its advanced expertise in farm planning, layout and training on appropriate practices that will make Liberian farmers harvest more for food security and improve their living conditions.Ndote concluded that his company offers the above services to interested farmer groups, commercial farmers and organizations.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Thousands of Venezuelans break barricades, cross Colombia border

first_imgPeople cross the Colombian-Venezuelan border over the Simon Bolivar international bridge in Cucuta, Colombia, April 2, 2019Thousands of Venezuelans broke through barricades along the international border with Colombia on Tuesday, according to the migration office in Bogota, which warned Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro that he would be held responsible for any problems that may occur.Maduro in February blocked bridges joining the two nations in a bid to prevent a US-backed effort to distribute hundreds of tonnes of humanitarian aid to the crisis-wracked nation.With bridges blocked by containers and trucks, Venezuelans have been wading through the Tachira River to reach the city of Cucuta, on Colombia’s northern border, to find food, medicines and work. But torrential rains in recent days have made that impossible.“The usurper Maduro is responsible for anything that may happen to the population that is transiting between the two countries,” said Christian Kruger, head of Colombia’s migration agency, highlighting the risk of the Simon Bolivar Bridge being weakened.Millions of Venezuelans have fled to Colombia to escape widespread shortages of food and medicine in their homeland, seeking jobs locally and passage into other Latin American countries.Venezuela plunged into a deep political crisis in January, when Juan Guaidó, head of the Opposition-controlled Congress, invoked the Constitution to declare himself interim President, arguing Maduro’s 2018 re-election was not legitimate.US President Donald Trump has taken steps to ratchet up pressure on Maduro and bolster Guaidó, who has been recognised as President by the United States and more than 50 other countries, including Colombia.Colombia’s Government says providing Venezuelan migrants with access to basic services and expanding healthcare, education and public utilities costs it a half percentage point of annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Colombia’s GDP in 2018 was some US$312 billion (Reuters)Venezuela’s Guaidó stripped of immunity, can face prosecutionVenezuelan lawmakers loyal to President Maduro stripped Opposition Leader Guaidó’s immunity Tuesday – and authorised the high court to criminally prosecute him for proclaiming himself the crisis-hit country’s ruler.Guaidó – who is recognised by over 50 countries – had earlier expressed fears of being abducted by Government agents following a request by the Supreme Court on Monday to the Constituent Assembly to lift his parliamentary immunity.Critics of the controversial two-year-old body say it was created to rubber-stamp Maduro’s decisions and sideline the Opposition-controlled National Assembly.“They can try to kidnap me,” said Guaidó.The Constituent Assembly’s President, Diosdado Cabello, announced pro-Maduro lawmakers had unanimously authorised the Supreme Court to prosecute Guaidó, leaving him also liable to be charged for breaching a January 29 Government ban on leaving the country.The court had been investigating Guaidó for usurping Maduro’s powers by declaring himself interim President on January 23 – a move which rapidly gained international support.“You know how the regime acts. This is not even persecution – this is inquisition,” said Guaidó, who recognises neither the court nor the Constituent Assembly.Neither institution “has the quality of being able to lift immunity or invalidate, we have to say things as they are,” he said.Travel banGuaidó was speaking to reporters prior to a meeting of his own National Assembly, which sits in the same federal palace building as the rival Constituent Assembly.Monday’s court ruling cited Guaidó’s violation of a ban on his travel outside Venezuela when he visited Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay from late February to early March.The move came after Venezuela’s Auditor General’s office announced Thursday that it had stripped Guaidó of the right to hold public office for 15 years, a decision he rejected as invalid.Parallel to the political battle, the country has been hit by a series of devastating blackouts that have left millions without water, prompting the Government to replace the country’s Energy Minister and institute power rationing in a bid to address the outages.Three major blackouts hit Venezuela in March, worsening already dire living and economic conditions in the country, and prompting authorities to take steps aimed at curbing the outagesMaduro – whose government has blamed “terrorists” for alleged attacks that have damaged the country’s main hydroelectric power plant – announced that he was appointing Igor Gavidia Leon to replace retired general Luis Motta Dominguez as Energy Minister.The new Minister “is an electrical industry worker with 25 years of experience, an engineer who had many responsibilities”, Maduro said.On Sunday, Maduro announced 30 days of electricity rationing, after his government said it was shortening the workday and keeping schools closed due to blackouts.The measures are a stark admission by the Government that there is not enough electricity to go around, and that the power crisis is here to stay.With no electricity, pumping stations can’t work, so water service is limited.Schools and universities are scheduled to reopen today. (AFP)last_img read more

Children remain hospitalised, to undergo forensic interview

first_imgAlleged rape – perpetrator in custodyThe three young girls who were allegedly raped by their step-father and thrown out of the family home remain hospitalised at the New Amsterdam Hospital, while their alleged perpetrator has been arrested.An official from the Child Care and Protection Agency (CC&PA) told Guyana Times that the children aged 4, 7 and 10, will undergo a forensic interview today by the social protection authorities. The interview will be recorded. Afterwards, the CC&PA will compile a report and send it to the Police.Based upon the report, B (Berbice) Division Commander Ian Amsterdam explained, charges will be laid. He indicated that both the step-father and the mother of the children were in Police custody.The CC&PA official further indicated that authorities were already looking to place the children with a close relative or to find alternative care.Police in B Division on Friday launched an investigation into the alleged rape.The Divisional Commander said that a report was made on Thursday morning and that the suspect, a former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) soldier, was on the run. However, he was found on Saturday.“I am told that the mother has 11 daughters and three sons, with the youngest child belonging to this man. The three sisters were spotted somewhere along the seawalls in an area that borders the Berbice River on the East Bank of Berbice and when questioned they claimed that their father abused them, molested them and put them out,” Amsterdam disclosed.“The mother is unemployed…it is said that she is behaving as if she is suffering from mental problems, but I don’t know if she is indeed suffering from such issues,” he stated.According to Amsterdam, neighbours were apparently not aware of what was happening. However, reports from the villagers allege that the stepfather is abusive towards the children.last_img read more

Compassion Ride

first_imgThe Salvation Army’s Ride for Compassion goes tomorrow, starting here in Fort St. John.Around 50 bikes are expected to take part in this year’s ride, which was moved to Saturday this year to allow for a longer route – this year’s course will be around 450 kilometres long.Sunday’s events will begin with a 10:30 church service at the Salvation Army. – Advertisement -The festivities will then move to the totam mall, where there will be a show and shine at 12:30, and then a bike rodeo, which Captain Ben Lippers says will be entertaining for the whole family. [asset|aid=225|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=Lippers-1_1_Pub.mp3] There is also a silent auction, at the cinema entrance to the Totem mall, running until 9 o’clock tonight. Advertisement Again, all proceeds from this year’s events will go towards the purchase of the Salvation Army’s Emergency Mobile Kitchen.To register for the Compassion Ride, you can call Connie at 785-0500, or you can register in person at the Salvation Army in Fort St. John, at the Silent auction booth in the totem Mall, or at Mile 0 motor sports in Dawson Creek.last_img read more

Berbice man sentenced to death for killing US-based Guyanese

first_imgA 29-year-old East Canje, Berbice was on Wednesday sentenced to death for the murder of 45-year-old Samantha Benjamin, a US-based Guyanese.Sentenced to death: Imran RamsaywackJustice Sandil Kissoon handed down the sentence after Imran Ramsaywack, also called “Coolie Boy” and “Kevin Jones”, was found guilty by a 12-member jury.Ramsaywack denied the murder charge which stated that between March 25 and March 26, 2015, he murdered Benjamin at Buxton, East Coast Demerara (ECD).The prosecution’s case contended that the now-convicted man murdered Benjamin at her Middle Walk, Buxton home and dismembered her body. The dead woman’s body was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean along the Annandale foreshore, ECD, where it was found that her head, arms and legs were missing. Benjamin’s body parts were later pulled from the water after a search conducted by the Police.Murdered: Samantha BenjaminThe State was represented by Prosecutors Abigail Gibbs and Mandel Moore, while Ramsaywack was represented by Attorney-at-Law Ravindra Mohabir.last_img read more

FIFA probes Russia over racist chants

first_img“We have no further comment at this stage,” the FIFA spokesman told AFP.The Russian Football Union (RFU) said it was ready to cooperate with FIFA’s probe.“We launched our own internal investigation the day after the match,” RFU anti-discrimination officer Alexander Baranov said.“All international matches are played under the jurisdiction of FIFA. We opened it to understand what happened for ourselves. We have sent inquiries to the interior department.”Baranov added that the RFU was “in dialogue with FIFA. We are ready to send them our findings — there is no problem there”.Russian football chiefs are under pressure with just two months to go before the start of the World Cup on June 14 as the domestic game has been once again tarnished by incidents of racism and hooliganism.“These people should not be allowed into stadiums. They should not be giving the world reason to think there is racism in our country,” added Alexei Smertin, head of the RFU’s anti-discrimination department.During last month’s friendly, an AFP photographer heard imitation monkey noises aimed at Dembele, while internet users reported similar abuse from sections of the 50,000 crowd targeting Pogba.– Scepticism –The RFU’s initial response was sceptical — claiming they had heard nothing — but the country’s governing body then did launch its own investigation.FIFA followed suit after French Sports Minister Laura Flessel, a two-time Olympic fencing champion, called for “European and international” action.The Russian parliament’s deputy speaker, Igor Lebedev, blasted inaction in the country over racism and called on “fans to stop this”.“This is not just a problem with our fans’ perception of African American and black players,” he had said.“The problem is elsewhere: none of this bad behaviour will stop until we start punishing it.”Lebedev insisted that such incidents taking place during the World Cup would “embarrass the country”.But Deputy Prime Mister Vitaly Mutko played down the incident, saying that monkey chants heard at the game “do not mean that this was some sort of organised act of racism”.“There might be elements of it,” said Mutko, who has temporarily stepped down from his role as RFU president.“Around 50,000 people turn up for games and there could be some provocations,” Mutko added.Black players have complained in the past of being subjected to racial abuse in Russian football. Brazilian great Roberto Carlos, who played for Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala for one season, walked off the pitch in 2011 after a banana was thrown his way during a match.Another Brazilian, Hulk, who played for Zenit St Petersburg for four years, complained in 2015 that “nobody is paying attention to this problem”.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Midfielder Paul Pogba, second left, and Ousmane Dembele, third left, appear for France in a recent international friendly against England © AFP/File / FRANCK FIFEPARIS, France, Apr 17 – FIFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against World Cup hosts Russia over monkey chants heard during a friendly international against France, a spokesman told AFP on Tuesday.Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba and Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembele were allegedly targeted by racist chanting during the match in Saint Petersburg last month.last_img read more

Insigne goal sees woeful Liverpool lose at Napoli

first_img Liverpool were given a huge let-off when Mertens missed this glorious chance 4 It looked like the Reds were going to nick it at the end when Sadio Mane’s incisive through ball put Mohamed Salah in but Napoli keeper David Ospina did brilliantly to clear away the danger.But Napoli did get their deserved goal when Insigne got on the end of Callejon’s cross in the 90th minute to extend the Reds’ winless run to three games.GROUP C TABLE Liverpool beat PSG in their first Group C match while Napoli could only manage a draw against Red Star Belgrade in their opening match, so it was the home side who seized the initiative.And the first chance of the game fell to Insigne but his left-footed effort from the edge of the box went just wide of the post.The Reds were dealt a huge blow on 19 minutes when Naby Keita was stretchered off after pulling up in the middle of the pitch on his Champions League debut for the club. Lorenzo Insigne’s 90th-minute strike saw Liverpool crash to a 1-0 Champions League defeat at Napoli on a night where the Reds were way off the pace.The hosts dominated the game and should have had the game sewn up long before but Insigne’s sliding effort ensured Jurgen Klopp’s side will certainly not coast to the knockout stages of the competition. 4 Napoli’s favourite son inflicted the painful defeat on Liverpool Keita was consoled by Liverpool’s medical staff after picking up the injury 4 Napoli threw everything at Jurgen Klopp’s men after the break and Liverpool could have found themselves a goal down had Joe Gomez not made a vital clearance after Alisson Becker saved Arkadiusz Milik’s fierce drive.Fabian Ruiz then had a brilliant opportunity just shy of the hour mark but James Milner made an excellent recovery challenge just before the Napoli man pulled the trigger.Gomez made another important clearance, this time to deny Jose Callejon’s low volley.And then the Serie A club missed what looked like would be their best chance of the night when Dries Mertens got on the end of a menacing cross but rattled the crossbar from just six yards out with Alisson beaten all ends up. 4last_img read more

Bradley Johnson given four-match ban for alleged bite on Joe Allen

first_imgDerby County midfielder Bradley Johnson has been given a four-match ban for allegedly biting Stoke City’s Joe Allen.The incident happened during the Rams’ 2-1 defeat to the Potters on Wednesday night but was not seen by referee Darren England or any of his officials at the time. Forbes list reveals how much Mayweather, Ronaldo and Messi earned this decade Johnson denies the violent conduct charges Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won Latest Football News Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move REVEALED REVEALED BEST OF Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade RANKED MONEY center_img “Bradley Johnson has been suspended for four games after he was found to have committed an act of violent conduct for which the standard punishment would be clearly insufficient,” the FA said in a statement.“The Derby County player was involved in an incident with Stoke City’s Joe Allen during Wednesday’s game (November 28)] which was not seen by the match officials but caught on camera.“Johnson denied the charge of violent conduct with an Independent Regulatory Commission then considering The FA’s allegation that the three-match sanction should be increased.“In addition to the suspension for violent conduct, the player will also serve a one-match ban for accumulating five cautions.” Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? ADVICE 1 no dice huge blow Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red card Johnson was caught on camera grabbing Allen’s shirt with his teeth during a fracas after Stoke midfielder Oghenekaro Etebo had been sent off.But Allen defended Johnson after the match, claiming he had not been bitten. Both players were booked by referee Darren England for their part in the melee.last_img read more


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