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first_imgAnd before you even head off on your next business trip…Get help with booking and check out Skyscanner’s new TravelPro app for iOS (download it from iTunes now) and on desktop.If you liked this, check these out:6 steps to supercharge your frequent flyer balance7 secrets to getting an upgrade on your next business flightDick Darlington works for a global business consultancy based in London and is a regular contributor of business travel articles for Skyscanner. His job regularly takes him to the other side of the world to support his overseas clients, so he’s no stranger to working away from home. Dick loves travelling and enjoys working in different countries. Through his articles on Skyscanner he shares some of his hints and tips to get the most out of business travel.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 5. A penInspiration hits at the strangest times, and many executives find some of their best ideas hit them whilst travelling. It could be that seeing a foreign competitor gives you a new idea for how to run things better back home. Or perhaps you come up with a brainwave to save your company money. If you’re carrying a pen you can jot these ideas down, so you remember them once you’re back in the office. Even the less insightful executives will find a pen useful for completing the customs and immigration forms. 6. An envelopeAlong with item number 5, this is probably the simplest item you need to pack. But the humble envelope is among the most useful items for business travellers. Business travel generates a lot of receipts, from restaurant and hotel bills to taxi receipts and records of airport snacks. But it can be a nightmare keeping all these receipts safe and in one place, ready to submit with your expenses. This is where the envelope comes in: it’s a great place to keep them until you get back to the office and submit your expenses claim. The most seasoned business travellers may wish to substitute an envlop for a Ziploc freezer bag – an even more versatile and waterproof way to store items. 7. Some entertainmentWhether it’s your favourite book, the latest Breaking Bad box set or the complete collection of Beethoven, don’t forget to take some entertainment along with you. Business trips often involve long times alone, so make sure you have something to keep yourself occupied on those long flights and lonesome nights in the hotel room. Likewise, remember to pack a photo of a loved one or a couple of your favourite tea bags to remind you of home if you’re going away on an extended business trip.8. A neatly folded shirt or blouseAs most executives already know, appearances are of utmost importance for business meetings. The last thing you want is to turn up looking all wrinkled and creased. So for long-haul flights, travel in comfortable clothes on the aircraft, and change into your work clothes once you’ve landed. If you’re travelling business class and your airline has an arrivals lounge, then these will offer to iron and press your shirt while you take a shower. If you’re away for longer, then you’d naturally expect your hotel to provide an iron. But this isn’t always the case: hotels in Spain and Portugal are notorious for refusing to provide an iron. So to be safe, iron your clothes before travelling if you want to stay looking smart. Failing that, if you do find yourself without access to an iron or laundry service, run a hot shower and hang your shirt in the bathroom: the steam will help reduce the creases.More: 15 of the best ever packing tips Ever arrive after a long flight only to realise you’ve forgotten to pack the most important item? Just about to take off on a work trip and want to double check you’ve packed everything? Skyscanner’s Dick Darlington takes a look at what items should make it in to your suitcase on your next business trip.1. Local currencySounds obvious doesn’t it? But busy executives sometimes forget the simplest things! Always take some local currency with you, as you never know how easy it will be to exchange cash at the other end. Whilst the airports in popular tourist destinations are geared up for holidaymakers and have no shortage of ATMs or Foreign Exchange kiosks, you might find a different story if your business trip takes you away from the main tourist hotspots. Frequent business travellers should also bring a spare stash of dollars and euros – just in case. Likewise, consider carrying a second credit card in your hand luggage, just in case your regular card is not accepted, or you’re unlucky enough to get it stolen.More: 10 ways to get the best deal on your travel money2. Print-outs of your travel plansThese days you may be accustomed to having your flights and hotel bookings stored on your trusty BlackBerry or neatly organised in your corporate inbox. But always plan to have a print-out of your itinerary just in case your device runs out of juice. Power sockets are pretty scarce at airports, so an old-fashioned printout will be a lifesaver if your battery dies.3. A travel adaptorIf you’re travelling with work, chances are your laptop will see a lot of use. The last thing you want arriving at an important meeting is to find you can’t plug it in. A multifunctioning travel plug adaptor can be picked up at most airports for as little as £20. Make sure you pack one.More: 10 holiday commandments you should never forget4. Your business cardsBusiness cards come in handy so definitely include them when packing. Especially when working overseas, there can be a language barrier, so it’s much easier to give someone your card, rather than slowly spelling out your contact details or repeating how to pronounce your name. Plus, leaving a few strategically placed business cards amongst your luggage and other belongings will increase the chances they’re returned, should you accidently forget them on a flight or leave anything behind in your hotel room.center_img Related7 ways to turn a boring business trip in to relaxing break from workTrips away from the office don’t have to be all work work work! Find out how to make the most of those boring business trips with these top tips.A budgeter’s guide to booking aheadYou’ve booked the best deal on your flights and hotel, and the excitement is brimming… now what? Here are seven ways a little pre-holiday planning can save you money and have you breezing past the queues. 1. 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