Homesick hotline launches for solo Aussies – 1800 STRAYA

first_imgDespite the many positive experiences that can be enjoyed when travelling solo overseas, TID knows that travelling alone can lead to loneliness or homesickness which can impact even the best of trips.To ensure Aussie travellers get the most of their trip, TID is delighted to announce the HOMESICKNESS HOTLINE, a one-stop service for Aussies to feel close to the things they love about home, wherever they are in the world.Phil Sylvester, Travel Safety Expert at TID says, “There’s nothing worse than being a bit homesick when you’re overseas and let’s be honest we’ve all been there; Australia is a great place to call home. That’s why we thought we’d create the Homesickness Hotline for Australians anywhere in the world.“All you have to do is jump on your phone and dial 1800STRAYA, and you’ll be instantly reminded of some of the iconic Australian sounds that you love, and maybe don’t quite love… In a couple of minutes, we’ll banish that homesickness and have you back on your way to enjoy the rest of your trip.”Homesick Aussies – or even those who just fancy enjoying some of Australia’s most iconic sounds – can call 1800-STRAYA (+61 2 8316-6999) to hear nine classic Aussie recordings, including the waves of Bondi Beach, cockatoos waking you up on a Sunday morning and your neighbour pouring his empties into a wheelie bin.The hotline has been launched in response to Aussies taking part in the growing trend of solo travel, which is far more prevalent in younger Australians, with 74% having or considering going it alone.Furthermore, 72% of those living in state capitals were likely to travel solo compared to 63% of their regional counterparts. Men were also more likely to venture unaccompanied than women, with the figures at 76% to 62%.The driving force for travelling alone was getting out of comfort zones, as well as avoiding drama that could be created by travelling with a companion.The rise in solo travel also sees many Australian’s seeking to ‘live like a local’ with 15% of respondents admitting to using dating apps to meet natives of their holiday destination.When living like a local, 32% want to expand their international friendship circle and 13% actively seek a holiday romance. 12% want to add to their ‘selfie’ library, perhaps because on a solo travel trip there is no companion to take the photo for you! Travel Insurance DirectSource = Travel Insurance Directlast_img

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