Fiji stealing forward bookings share from Bali Phuket and Honolulu

first_imgFiji stealing forward bookings share from Bali, Phuket and HonoluluAustralian overseas beach holiday booking patterns have changed as evidenced in the shifts between four of the main destinations. Current booking arrival trends, looking 6 months ahead, show a decline of 24% for Bali, 10% for Phuket and 2% for Honolulu. On the other hand, future booking arrivals to Fiji have increased by 6%.“Unfortunately Bali has gone from bad to worse. Looking back 6 months, Australian arrivals were only down 13% on last year compared to the 24% drop in current booking arrivals for the next 6 months,” said GfK ForwardKeys Account Manager David Beliveau. “This is likely influenced by the recent airline cancellations caused by the volcanic eruptions in July this year.”Conversely, Honolulu saw a large drop in Australian arrivals for the last 6 months, down 13%, however looking 6 months forward the booking arrivals picture is more positive with a decline of only 2% on last year.“Although the $AUD is still not favourable against the $USD, this appears to have had little impact from further deterring Australians from travelling to Honolulu,” continued Beliveau.While total future booking arrivals to Fiji are up 6%, what is interesting is the change in booking size patterns. 2 person bookings are actually down 4% on last year while 4 person bookings are up 19%.“This could suggest a change in perception as more Australians see Fiji as a family destination rather than a couples retreat,” said Beliveau.Comparing the length of stay of 1-8 nights for all four beach destinations, Honolulu has 61%, Bali has 56%, Phuket has 57% and Fiji has 72% of their total future bookings in this range.“While Fiji has grown on last year, Australians tend to spend less time at the destination compared to other international beach holiday destinations likely due to its lesser travelling time,” he concluded.GfK ForwardKeys is a daily aggregation of flight bookings, with a forward outlook up to 12 months and over 5 years of historical data between any two airports in the world.GfK ForwardKeys data as at Sunday, 11 October 2015 for the period Thursday, 1 October 2015 to Thursday, 31 March 2016 versus the same period in 2014.Source = GfK Travel Solutionslast_img

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