Japan anniversary of disaster

first_imgSunday marked the one year anniversary of the tragic earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, which claimed 19,000 lives and devastated entire cities and communities. Thousands gathered over the weekend, mourning the losses of friends and family, praying for the deceased at ceremonious vigils. Japan’s Prime Minister and Emperor offered condolences and delivered silent prayers to the masses gathered to remember the men, women and children whose lives were tragically taken. The natural disaster also triggered a nuclear crisis in the territory of Fukushima, leaking radiation and affecting residents. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, three nuclear reactors are to remain in “a state of cold shutdown” due to the meltdown, leaving many parts of an exclusion-zone surrounding the area uninhabitable for years or even decades. The crippling disaster last year had a scarring effect on global tourism as well as Japanese domestic tourism, leaving industry leaders the difficult task of rebuilding confidence in Japan as a travel destination.Last month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs implemented a social media campaign in an attempt to boost the nation’s suffering tourism.For more information on Japan’s tourism post-quake click back onto e-Travel Blackboard tomorrow. DevastationImage source: famecherry Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img

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