Eve Valkyrie shows us how good a virtual reality dogfight in space

first_imgVirtual reality, just like any other new peripheral trying to claim a niche in the video games market, needs the support of games people want to play so bad they’re willing to buy hardware to experience it. The latest game to try and tease you into donning a headset is Eve: Valkyrie, and it looks stunning in this latest Eve Fanfest 2015 trailer.Eve: Valkyrie is being developed by CCP Games, who have already made a name for themselves with the space MMO Eve Online. For Valkyrie, the action switches over to multiplayer dogfighting in space, but with a focus on using a virtual reality headset on PC or PS4.Valkyrie actually started life as Eve-VR–a virtual reality tech demo unveiled at Eve Fanfest 2013. To say it went down well with attendees is a bit of an understatement, having won numerous awards since including “Game of E3 2013” and “Most Innovative” by PC Gamer and IGN respectively. So it must have been a very easy decision for CCP to turn the tech demo into a full game experience. Two years later it looks almost done.What you see above is the latest build of Valkyrie, and it already looks like a game worth purchasing an Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus headset to play. Gameplay centers around you commanding a heavily armed fighter and dogfighting your way to victory online. Your fighter will be highly customizable, you can unlock new ones, change ship class, go up the player ranks, and progress your character, all presented as an immersive 360-degree experience that hasn’t been available before.The game was originally promised for release in 2014, but that clearly hasn’t happened, and rightly so. We need the VR headsets to be widely available in order to play Eve: Valkyrie, and that’s just not the case yet. Hopefully it happens before the year is over and Eve: Valkyrie is one (of hopefully many) must-have launch games.last_img

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