Heres Everything Coming to Hulu in May 2019

first_imgStay on target Watch: Bill Gates Reveals His Worst Fear in Netflix Docuseries TrailerPlex Enters The Streaming Service Wars With Cable-Style Bundle It’s the month we say goodbye to Game of Thrones, but May is bringing a plethora of movies and series to your streaming devices to help soothe the pain, courtesy of Hulu.One to watch: Hulu’s original Catch-22, directed by and starring George Clooney, the first full TV series based on the Joseph Heller novel. Opposite Clooney, Christopher Abbott stars as the protagonist bombardier Yossarian, who tries to avoid being stuck in the crosshairs of World War II, and Kyle Chandler as the power-hungry Colonel Cathcart.If you’re looking for futuristic/sci-fi sports thrills, it’s a good time to watch Rollerball. Both the 1975 version (directed by Norman Jewison and starring James Caan) and the 2002 remake (directed by John McTiernam) are coming to Hulu this month.Here’s everything coming to Hulu in May 2019.May 1Anger ManagementBait ShopBillboard DadThe Big KahunaThe BirdcageBlack RainBorat: Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation KazakhstanBreakdownBullyThe BurrowersCatacombsCecil B. DementedCenter StageChocolatChuck & BuckClerksDazed and ConfusedDeuce Bigalow: Male GigoloEl PantraThe English PatientFair GameFatal AttractionFlashdanceThe Green MileGround ControlHappy EndingsHappy-Go-LuckyHardwareHarsh TimesHoodlumHunt for the SkinwalkerImagine Me and YouJulie & JuliaKazaamThe KraysKygo: Stole the ShowLaddie: The Man Behind the MoviesLarger than LifeThe LandingThe Last AnimalsLe DivorceThe Lucky OnesMadeMajor LeagueMan of the HouseMermaidsMy Five WivesNew GuyNick of TimeThe Night We Never MetPassport to Paris PossumsThe Pursuit of D.B. CooperRepo! The Genetic OperaRollerball (1975)Rollerball (2002)Shaolin SoccerShow of ForceThe SicilianSlow BurnSpiritStar KidSteak this MovieSwitching GoalsThe Time MachineThe ToyboxThings You Can Tell Just by Looking at HerThirteenTwelve MonkeysTwice Upon a YesterdayUnder Siege WargamesWelcome to MercyZombielandMay 2Dies Irae (Complete Season 1)May 3Into The Dark: All That We Destroy (Episode 8 Premiere) Hulu Original SeriesDon’t Believe the Hype (Complete Season 1)Everything’s For Sale (Complete Season 1)Jobs Unlisted (Complete Season 1)Price the Hype (Complete Season 1)The Yellow HandkerchiefMay 4Drunk History (Complete Season 6)PainkillersThe Clovehitch KillerMay 6CrashUnicornMay 7My Hero Academia (Complete Season 3)May 8HillbillyMay 9Action PointMay 10Dinosaur 13May 11Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (Season 6 Premiere)Above MajesticDriver XFunny CowOne Million American DreamsSwimming With MenMay 12Claws (Complete Season 2)May 13Angels of Death (Complete Season 1)May 14The Bachelorette (Season 15 Premiere)The RomanticsMay 15Big Bad BBQ Brawl (Complete Season 2)Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction (Complete Season 4)Burgers, Brews & ‘Que (Complete Seasons 1-3)Cash Cab (Complete Season 13)Counting On (Complete Seasons 2-3)Diesel Brothers (Complete Seasons 3-4)Eat, Sleep, BBQ (Complete Season 1)Four Weddings (Complete Seasons 7-8)I Found the Gown (Complete Seasons 2-3)La Promesa (Complete Season 1)Love It or List It (Complete Season 12)The Little Couple (Complete Seasons 11-12)A Breath AwayAstralBeautiful Girls EggGetting GraceIris Little VoiceMay 16MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown (Special Part 1)Knocked UpMay 17Catch-22: Complete Series Premiere Hulu Original SeriesPunisher: War ZoneThe PunisherMay 18Thanks for SharingThe Riot and the Dance: EarthMay 20Federal HillMay 21Preacher (Complete Season 3)Bernie the DolphinJesus’ SonMay 22TracersMay 23Baywatch (Complete Series)MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown (Special Part 2)BacktraceLulu on the BridgeMay 26Morning GloryMay 27Broad City (Complete Season 5)The Frozen GroundMay 28Against the ClockMay 29America’s Got Talent (Season 14 Premiere)Songland (Series Premiere)The Terror (Complete Season 1)May 30American Ninja Warrior (Season 11 Premiere)Angie Tribeca (Complete Season 4)More on Are the Most Binge-Watched Shows in Every StateHere’s What It Would Really Take for People to Leave NetflixWhat to Stream on Hulu This Weekendlast_img

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