Rumor Next Xbox doesnt have a disc drive

first_imgAccording to a source talking to website MCV, the next console to carry the Xbox name will not have a disc drive.Apparently, Microsoft is sharing this information with its partners under NDA. By partners we assume they mean the major publishers and any hardware companies with close ties who provide parts or peripherals for the machine.No disc drive means digital distribution, but there’s also thought to be an extension of the memory card system with an SSD or microSD solution offering local storage. MCV has also been told a 2013 release is definitely going to happen.Microsoft’s response, as always, is to not comment on rumor and speculation. They’ve also stated that the Xbox 360 lifecycle has been extended, suggesting a 2013 release isn’t realistic.Switching to a digital-only platform wouldn’t come as a massive shock as things are heading in that direction anyway. I doubt ISPs would enjoy the multi-gigabyte game downloads from millions of consoles though, and retailers may react like they did to the PSPgo by boycotting the hardware.For now, we have to treat this as what it is: rumor and speculation. If Microsoft is planning a disc-less console then it will have a huge impact on the games industry as a whole. In particular, the ecosystem that surrounds the sale of games would effectively be broken. There’s no games retailers can sell, no stock to handle, and the used games market would be dead in the water.By removing the disc drive the machine would be cheaper to make, and as everything is stored on a hard drive load times should be shorter. Gamers will certainly complain if game pricing remained the same as physical copies, but they’d probably also appreciate potential new functions e.g. being able to pre-load a game before it launches like Steam allows. So, an Xbox without discs. Would gamers welcome such a machine into their homes? Read more at MCVlast_img

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