Geek deal Quadcore Dell Vostro 460 bundle for 529

first_imgDesktop computers these days are generally commodities: the same basic design with the same basic specs and at some pretty low prices to boot. You can still get high-powered systems with any variety of design and technology features, but of course these will run you thousands of dollars. Those are pretty much just for enthusiasts and gamers though, where most people are happy with much more basic offerings.The most common system around these days is the value package, generally under $500 and sporting last generation’s processing technology. This is where today’s deal stands out: you get the newest Intel 2nd generation Core i5 processor and chipset packed into Dell’s Vostro 460 mini tower.AdChoices广告The quad-core Core i5 runs along at a speedy 3.1GHz and the Vostro 460 includes all the usual features you’re looking for in a desktop. There is even an optional USB 3.0 add-in card for a few extra bucks that will go a long way towards insuring your system is at least more future proof. But the real kicker here is that for just $30 over the base system price, you can add in a Dell 20-inch E2011H monitor.That makes this Vostro 460 bundle just $529 with quad core Sandy Bridge and a 20-inch LCD. This system is not only a no brainer for the average user, but this would do nicely for us power users too.Buy the Dell Vostro through LogicBuylast_img

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