Flix on Stix will rent or sell you movies and games on

first_imgIt’s a plan that’s been percolating in the back meeting rooms of Hollywood and flash memory executives for awhile now, but Redbox’s armada of DVD-serving kiosks is soon to have some competition thanks to Flix On Stix, a new movie kiosk service that lets you rent movies on thumb drives over optical media. The concept’s pretty simple: the problem with DVD kiosk rentals is either forcing consumers to return their disk, or filling landfills with discarded discs which have chemically degraded to an unreadable state over time.AdChoices广告Flix on Stix aims to be more convenient while simultaneously more green friendly: if you want to rent a game or TV show or movie, you’re allowed to either rent or purchase the title, then directed to insert a USB drive. Insert your handy dongle and the file will be encased in DRM and squirted onto your flash drive, which can then be viewed on any computer or media player with a USB port. It even plays well with USB 3.0, which is pretty neat.How does Flix on Stix work if you don’t have a thumb drive? Simple: theyll be happy to sell you one for a slightly higher price. It’s not a bad solution, but honestly, my guess is the people who rent DVDs from kiosks aren’t exactly the AVI on USB stick movie-watching type. Redbox probably has a while before it truly needs to be worried.Read more at Yahoolast_img

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