EVE Online is about to be invaded by alien supercarriers and a

first_imgAlthough it’s always daunted casual players like me, EVE Online has always been one of the largest and most epic of scope of all of the MMOGs, but the latest updates might be the biggest envelope push yet: EVE Online players are getting a whole trilogy of expansion packs over the next couple of months.The trilogy of updates is called the Incursion Update and it will add large scale PvE gameplay in which players are expected to band together to fight off fleets of invading supercarriers piloted by an evil civilization from outside the gallery.The first part of this update launched earlier in the week and included 80 new storyline missions and the Noctis salvaging ship, as well as ammo rebalancing and UI improvements. Two weeks later, another patch will land, bringing a holiday gift to Eve Online players… but its the final update, launching early next year, that is the real one to look forward to, bringing the aforementioned invasion to Eve Online as well as an in-game social network and more:Incursion 1.0.2 will be available mid-January and includes the stunningly realistic character creator based on CCP’s avatar technology, a precursor to next year’s “Incarna” release. The web-based social networking platform for EVE players, EVEGate, will see a large upgrade with integrated forums. The Planetary Interaction feature will also see significant improvements based on player input. The following week, a vengeance-fueled Sansha’s Nation will invade the EVE universe, causing chaos as pilots join together in twenty to forty person fleets to beat back the new “Revenant” supercarriers, their fierce fighter bombers and the fleets at their command. Victors against these “incursions” will reap tremendous rewards for their bravery. This is a hell of a holiday season to be an EVE fan, that’s for sure.Read more at Eve Onlinelast_img

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