Annan recommends 6month extension for UN observer mission in Prevlaka

In his latest report to the Security Council, the Secretary-General notes that despite the generally positive situation in Prevlaka, violations of the agreed security regime have continued – with small numbers of both Croatian and Montenegrin police interfering with UN operations.”The illegal checkpoints at Cape Kobila, which interfere with the free movement of the United Nations military observers within the zone, should be removed to the boundaries of the zone or their continued operation regulated by an agreement,” Mr. Annan observes. “The Croatian authorities should lift their restrictions on the free movement of the United Nations military observers in the demilitarized zone.”As for a settlement to the dispute, Mr. Annan welcomes the steps taken by the parties to form an inter-State commission to address the issue of their common border and the ongoing process of bilateral consultations. He offers the continued availability of the UN’s good offices – including the package of confidence-building measures proposed in October 1999 – should the sides need that kind of help.The Secretary-General also approves of the start of demining activities by Croatia in the northern part of the demilitarized zone, and says such activities should be extended to other areas, as resources permit.Troop contributors to UNMOP are scheduled to have a private meeting with the Security Council tomorrow, and the Council is expected to hold consultations on Prevlaka next Monday, a UN spokesman said in New York.

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