UN African mediators continue pressing for progress in Darfur peace process

The AU’s Sam Ibok and the UN’s Tayé-Brook Zerihoun briefed the leadership about the Sirte peace process, which began last month in the Libyan city.Commending the SLA-Unity for their unification efforts, the mediators encouraged the Movement to engage in the peace process, according to a UN spokesperson.Mr. Zerihoun said the objective of the Sirte Talks is to stop the killings in Darfur, and to help allow the people organize their lives and live in peace. “To obtain peace, you have to negotiate,” he told them.The Chief Mediators also said that they were encouraged by the efforts that the Movements are making to unite, because any form of unification will make the mediators’ tasks easier, according to the spokesperson.The UN Special Envoy for Darfur, Jan Eliasson, is scheduled to be in New York next week to brief the Security Council and for internal consultations. 23 November 2007Mediators from the African Union and the United Nations aiming to advance the Darfur peace process have wrapped up a two-day visit to North Darfur after holding a meeting with the Sudan Liberation Army-Unity leadership there.

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