Jevon Rockwell, May 9

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest It is not raining, but it looks like it might and it is kind of chilly. It looks like we may get an inch this week. We have not done a single thing in the last two weeks.We do have some corn that is spiking through. Our big concern right now is that some of the stuff we planted right before the rain is starting to crust over. We don’t want to see it rain anymore but that would help soften up the top a little to get what is in the ground up.The wheat looks really good. A neighbor here has some wheat that is really close to heading which is really early. If there is a problem we will spray fungicide but we generally do not because of the interseeding we do with soybeans in the wheat. The fungicide seems to delay harvest in the summer by a week or longer. By the first part of July, the beans that we interseed are starting to get big to where they can outgrow the wheat. We usually try to plant the beans when the wheat is throwing pollen. If you wait until the heads are full of grain the wheat gets too heavy and you can’t get through it.We have 100 acres of beans in and they are just starting to come through. I think everything has sprouted pretty well. I have dug a lot of corn up and it still looks pretty good. Uniform emergence will be an issue. In our sand it is colder and the corn has not emerged, but in the black ground it is already up.We have learned that you never plant before a big rain, but here we are considering planting a field or two when they are calling for a big rain. We may try to plant one well-drained corn field today, but that will be it. In another couple of weeks we will consider switching corn to bean acres.last_img

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