Battle of the Smiths

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest It was a battle of the Smiths for the highest Ohio yield in the National Corn Growers Association 2015 Corn Yield Contest.Fresh off his trip to Commodity Classic where he was recognized for his corn yield success, Adam Smith had several tales of what turned out to be a pretty great 2015 for him and his family.It was late 2015 and Adam just found out that he had the highest yielding Ohio entry of any category in the National Corn Growers Association 2015 National Corn Yield Contest. The final contest results had been released the December day he was driving south from his Huron County farm to pick up parts for his fertilizer spreader.As he drove, Adam passed a farm in Marion County with a tower drier exactly like the one he’d just ordered. Though he’d never been to the farm before, and didn’t even know who lived there, he thought he would stop in to see if anyone was in the shop to ask about the tower drier.“I knocked on the door of the shop because I saw them in there. They were looking at my license plate and asking what county I was from. I said, ‘Oh, I am from Huron County,’” Adam said.The young farmer then approached Adam and the following exchange took place between Adam and the farmer he was visiting.“You don’t happen to know an Adam Smith from Huron County do you?”“I said, ‘Yeah I know him, why?’”“I just found out he beat me in the yield contest. I got second by a half bushel.”“Oh yeah, that is me.”As it turns out, Adam Smith’s top Ohio yield was 289.5824 bushels with DEKALB DKC64-89RIB in the Non-Irrigated Category. Ohio’s second highest yield in the national contest was from Nathan Smith from Marion with 289.1934 bushels with Channel 213-59STXRIB. The two young Smith farmers met for the first time on the day the contest results were announced when one stopped to ask the other about a drier.“We looked at the drier and talked about the corn yield contest,” Adam said.last_img

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