It’s Fun Seeing Evolution Falsified

first_img“Mysterious Snippets Of DNA Withstand Eons Of Evolution” is the strange title of an article on Science Daily.  Gill Bejerano and Cory McLean from Stanford are wondering why large non-coding sections of DNA are very similar, or “ultraconserved,” from mice to man (see 08/18/2007).  Evolutionary theory would expect that non-functional genetic material would mutate more rapidly than genes.  Yet for unknown reasons, the ultraconserved segments stay the same throughout the mammal order.  Experiments have shown that mice with these sections deleted do just fine.  Why would natural selection purify these regions if they are not essential for survival?  No one knows.    Bejerano had a comment about this finding that goes against the expectations of evolutionary genetics: “Evolution is a lot of fun,” said Bejerano, who plans to continue the investigation into what the ultraconserved segments might be doing.  “You answer one question, and five others pop up.  But one of the most rewarding things to me is the fact that we’re developing a growing appreciation for how much these regions actually matter.”He said it was “very surprising” that the ultraconserved elements showed no effect on the mice when deleted.  “In some ways it just doesn’t make sense.”Would you count on an evolutionist to know what makes sense?  Their pet theory can be falsified right before their eyes, and instead of weeping in remorse, they call it fun.    Suppose van Helmont called it fun when Francesco Redi showed that mice do not spontaneously arise from straw.  “Spontaneous generation is a lot of fun.  You answer one question, and five others pop up.”  Nobody denies that Fantasyland is fun.  It’s just that we appreciate it for its escapism, not for how much it actually matters.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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