News story: Talent Management

first_imgODP talent biography and indicators of potentialTo better understand the skills, experience, aspirations and needs of you as a Grade 6, 7 or SCS, we have developed, in conjunction with Senior Leaders across ODP, our talent biography and indicators of potential for operational delivery.The ODP indicators of potential are specific attributes or skills that are required in the operational delivery environment at Senior Levels.The ODP talent biography is a template for you, as leaders at Grade 7 and above, to complete during your career conversations with your line manager.It’s our way of capturing key information about you, and also an opportunity for you to share with us how you are planning to develop your skills and career. We use this information to understand how the profession can best support you.Within the biography you can tell us if you are looking for a move into a new role, this will allow us to share appropriate opportunities directly with you.The information you share with us is all held securely in accordance with GDPR, outlined in our privacy notice, by the ODP Central Talent Team and used for talent management purposes only. You can view our Privacy Notice on Civil Service Learning here – ODP and your data.Whilst providing you with multiple individual benefits, the data also enables us as a Profession to consider other issues such as succession planning.If you are interested in completing your ODP biography and viewing the ODP specific Indicators of Potential, please contact the team at [email protected] talent schemesIf you are Grade 7 and above, cross-government accelerated development schemes, such as the Future Leaders and Senior Leaders Schemes, are a great way to help you build on your existing skills and develop new ones.Representation has historically been lower than other professions and we are keen to increase the ODP presence.Quality conversations between you and your manager enable you to agree career goals and aspirations which may encourage you to explore an accelerated development scheme.We have previously supported applicants throughout the stages of application by facilitating calls with CS Talent and ODP scheme alumni who provide personal experience and insight.We want to see more of our skilled people taking advantage of these opportunities, building skills and capabilities to progress their career.If you want to know more about the Corporate Talent Schemes available, please email: [email protected] usFor more information, email: [email protected] For everyone within the Operational Delivery Profession, we are developing a Loans, Shadowing and Interchange tool and our ODP Career Framework to empower and support you to make your own career decisions and share talent across government. We can offer ODP vacancy support & development of talent biographies at Grade 7 and above and support for corporate leadership schemes. We also analyse the makeup of the profession to assist with strategic workforce planning.These strands work together to ensure we offer operational delivery professionals a fulfilling career.Loans, shadowing and interchangeWe are developing a Loans, Shadowing and Interchange tool which will allow the transfer and sharing of talent across government.If you work within the profession you’ll be able to log in and register for opportunities, whether they are short term loans to another department, or a learning opportunity.The platform will also give you the opportunity to propose shadowing or mentoring relationships with colleagues across the profession.Helping our leaders progressIf you are currently a Grade 6, 7 or Senior Civil Servant (SCS), we can offer you the information, guidance and opportunities to progress your career within the Operational Delivery Profession and wider.Our offer is designed to build and develop capability within the profession, ensuring that you have the right skills to lead complex operational teams.Helping you to be the best operational leader, will in turn help your teams to deliver and gives both you and your teams the opportunity to develop and progress your careers.Our analysis of the ODP helps support succession planning to ensure we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.We are working with Strategic Workforce Planners across government, to gain an understanding of what more can be done at a profession level.Vacancy supportIf you have a Grade 7 or above vacancy our ODP Vacancy Support Service gives you the opportunity to advertise to advertise to a targeted pool of ODP professionals providing an extra layer of coverage for the role you are promoting.We will discuss your vacancy with you and offer a variety of approaches, including: If a vacancy is already live on Civil Service Jobs (or another departmental jobs page or portal), we can provide valuable coverage of the role by sending targeted e-mails and promotional activity through social media channels.If you are interested in using our vacancy support service or want to know more information, please email the team at [email protected]center_img targeting members of our profession to share your opportunity marketing temporary opportunities (for example via expressions of interest) promoting vacancies through our social media channelslast_img read more