‘Battlefield 6’ release: What to know about the new game, future ‘Battlefield 5’ updates

first_imgEA Dice has confirmed it would release a new “Battlefield” game in 2021, its first fresh release since November 2018.While the company said it will continue to support “Battlefield V,” it won’t provide any more core updates after this summer. Could elements of ‘Battlefield 6’ be free?After Activision took the leap and released the free to play “Call of Duty: Warzone” to positive reception, it’s now up to other legacy FPS studios such as EA DICE to decide whether to follow the trend or stick with what’s worked in the past. The benefit of free Battle Royale modes for companies is the continued cash flow of DLC cosmetics. Activision has also done a good job using “Warzone” to promote its paid “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” title.There is not yet any indication one way or the other what EA DICE will do here.When will ‘Battlefield 5’ updates stop?In a recent announcement, EA DICE said the final major update for “Battlefield V” will come in June. It will continue to address bugs, though, and still provide attention to the title for the forseeable future. Attention, then, will turn to the next iteration for the franchise, which will be critical in keeping EA DICE afloat in the FPS space. “Battlefield V” is viewed as a sales disappointment, and the FPS genre has evolved significantly since its release, particularly in terms of Battle Royale popularity.Still, the devout following of the game among hardcore fans gives it hope for a strong rebound, especially with the imminent release of next-gen consoles potentially playing up its renowned aesthetics.MORE: What’s new in “Call of Duty: Warzone” updateDetails remain sparse for Battlefield 6, but we do have some hints of what’s to come.Here is the latest on Battlefield 6, as well as the implications of the new game on Battlefield V:When is the ‘Battlefield 6’ release date?EA DICE has confirmed the game will be released in 2021, and we can narrow it down further than that based on prior reports. According to Niko Partners, it will be shipped sometime after April 1.”Battlefield V” was a November release, putting it up against other prominent FPS titles and perhaps harming its sales numbers. As a result, it’s possible (though not yet reported) that EA DICE will select a different part of the year, such as summer or earlier in the fall, to put it on the market.It’s unclear whether the coronavirus pandemic will have an impact on the development timeline.What details are known about ‘Battlefield 6’?EA DICE has kept mum on details of the game, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating what could be ahead.Among those fan-driven ideas: A greater focus on multiplayer over campaign, the introduction of Battle Royale and a more modern or futuristic era setting. While “Battlefield” has long been popular because of its differences from other FPS titles, it may feel pressure from competitors to mimick certain aspects of breakout games.One thing EA has discussed is the expanded capabilities provided by the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.”You should assume the power of those consoles is much more than existing consoles,” said Blake Jorgenson, the CEO and CFO of EA, on an earnings call earlier this year. “We can do a lot more. You will start to see things over the next couple of years that will blow people’s minds.”last_img read more

Europa League Draw: Arsenal play Napoli as Chelsea face Slavia Prague in quarter-finals

first_imgThe first legs will be played on Thursday 11 April with the second legs on 18 April.Arsenal have the toughest draw on paper, having drawn Italian powerhouse Napoli.Their city neighbours Chelsea, face Czech club Slavia Prague. There is also an all-Spanish affair with Villareal playing Valencia.Europa League quarter-finals:Napoli v ArsenalVillarreal v ValenciaBenfica v Eintracht FrankfurtSlavia Prague v ChelseaThe first leg matches will be played on April 11, with the return games taking place on April 18.Arsenal boss Unai Emery is chasing a fourth Europa League title as manager after winning the competition three successive times at Sevilla.Comments Tags: arsenalChelseaChelsea FCeuropa leaguenapolitoplast_img read more

Is this leaked World of Warcraft movie trailer legit

first_imgIt appears the Warcraft movie trailer has leaked and is flooding the web like a Scourge outbreak, and it’s drool-worthy even in its super low video-on-video quality. And yes, this looks like the real deal.Warning! There be spoilers ahead.The footage was posted on a Romanian server, complete with Cyrrlic subtitles (grab that Google translate app if you want to know what’s going on!). The video appears have been recorded off a computer monitor from a mobile device. It has water marks all over it, but despite the less-than-theatrical quality, if you have an insatiable hunger for all things Warcraft, this might only make things worse — because you’ll want to see this in full 1080p glory.As for the trailer, it’s your typical action-packed, might-and-magic and CGI slugfest we’d expect from a Warcraft movie. It does seem to be pretty Orc-centric in terms of what’s shown, but we get some good looks at the human faction. With WETA involved, there will be some pretty impressive practical armor and effects too, so don’t expect everything to look like a super-charged video game. But with what might be the most epic movie made based off a video game, maybe looking hyper real will add to its appeal.Of course, some people are already questioning if this is real, fan-made, a hybrid, or maybe a figment of their imagination. Comparing the armor shown at San Diego Comic-Con with this shot from the trailer, it’s pretty spot on.Now keep in mind, the story is more based off the original Warcraft games, not Blizzard’s massively multiplayer time consumer, World of Warcraft. At San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed this would be an origin story as to how the Alliance and Horde factions came about. If it follows the original Warcraft games, the central plot will revolve around the humans and orcs and a massive campaign known as the First War. In the original Warcraft game, the orc warchief Blackhand (played by Clancy Brown in the film) leads his armies against the Kingdom of Stormwind and the heroic Knight  Lothar (Travis Fimmel).The movie will also feature Robert Kazinsky as Orgrim Doomhammer and Toby Kebbell as Durotan — two of the most iconic orcs in Warcraft lore. We know from IMDB that Gul’dan will also make an appearance. His role is significant in that the former orc shaman-turned-warlock eventually becomes leader of the Horde faction of orcs and spreads the plight of the Burning Legion through Azeroth. Which, of course, opens up huge plot points for later films. Judging from the scenes in the leaked trailer, we get our first look at Gul’dan as well.The trailer is rumored to come out sometime this November, most likely concurring with BlizzCon, the major video game showcase that is all things Blizzard. If you want to see the leaked one, head on over here before it disappears. Warcraft the movie is set to come out March of 2016.last_img read more

Vintage Electric introduces offroad version of their 28 mph retro ebikes

first_imgVintage Electric is no stranger to high power and high speed e-bikes. Until now they’ve mainly focused on street-oriented electric bicycles. That changed today though with the introduction of the Vintage Electric Rally, which is an off-road version of their retro-inspired electric bicycles. more…Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1zk7Eb8r-s&list=PL_Qf0A10763mA7Byw9ncZqxjke6Gjz0MtThe post Vintage Electric introduces off-road version of their 28 mph retro e-bikes appeared first on Electrek. Source: Charge Forwardlast_img