Nagamootoo has much skill at deceit and deception

first_imgDear Editor,From his press conference held at the PNC Headquarters at Congress Place, it is clear that Mr Moses Nagamootoo has much skill at deceit and deception. When he asked the question, “Where is the Guyanese compassion?”, he opened himself to be accused of nakedly playing to the gallery, rather than focusing on the more important questions of the health of the nation’s affairs and the reasons for the political shellacking his party received at the just concluded polls.It would be remiss of me to let him get away with this glaring act of spinning the truth and replacing it with his usual convoluted misrepresentation of the facts. Please permit me, Editor, to list these few facts.Fact 1: This no-confidence motion tabled by the Leader of the Opposition was brought against a Government, not an individual. For the record and emphasis, this no-confidence motion is being tabled against the entire APNU/AFC (PNC-led) Government as a collective, and not against any individual.Fact 2: Whatever happens in Parliament when this motion is concluded will have ZERO impact on the personal affairs of His Excellency President Granger. After all, at this moment he is the President of all of Guyana, legally and legitimately. If the current APNU/AFC (PNC-led) Government of Guyana is to fall as a result of this no-confidence motion, the rules dictate that all current and former Presidents are entitled to a FULL presidential medical and pension package, which means in common parlance almost unlimited funds. So what is this non-sense from Mr Nagamootoo about compassion?We, the Guyanese people, including me, would rain down a ton of bricks on anyone if they attempt to mess with the medical benefits of any former or current President, because such an act would have been unconscionable and very un-Guyanese. But the truth remains: win or lose, Mr Granger’s medical benefits are fully protected and preserved, whether he is in office or out of office. This situation will not change; not now, not next year, not ever.Fact 3: Mr Nagamootoo, in his usually style of empty flambouyance, deliberately chose to side-step the record of his three-year-old APNU/AFC (PNC-led) Government. Instead, he sought to inject all sorts of innuendos, insinuations, words of intimidation, and wild inferences into his statements. And after all those theatrics, he and his team, with their tails between their legs, hid from the scrutiny of the Parliament on November 16, 2018 like cowards. What manner of people conduct themselves in such a milquetoast manner?With the kind courtesy of your pages, please permit my comments.Regards,Sasenarine Singhlast_img read more