Want to honor Bill Buckner’s career? You may be focusing on the wrong World Series

first_imgClick here if you’re having trouble viewing these videos on a mobile device.In a just world, Bill Buckner would not be long remembered for the 1986 World Series.The 1974 World Series would’ve been more like it.Buckner, the pride of Napa who died on Memorial Day, was a superb baseball player. He played relentlessly with skill, spirit, attitude and heart. From the wonderful Jeff English profile penned for SABR: “Bill Buckner was a gamer. He played the game of baseball as hard as any …last_img

Make a pledge to save our seas

first_imgThrough the Sea Pledge programme, people are encouraged to preserve SouthAfrica’s coastline and the environment in general.(Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica.com. Formore free photos, visit the image library) The hybrid cars that are carrying the SeaPledge message to towns and communitiesall along South Africa’s coast.(Image: SST) MEDIA CONTACTS • Alex Lenferna  South East African Climate Consortium,  Student Forum, Rhodes University  +27 72 372 4144 RELATED ARTICLES • South Africa protects its oceans • New drive for greener cars • Research centre for African oceans • SA maps its freshwater priority areas • SA consumers help rebuild fish stocksEmily van RijswijckA modern day crusade recently set off from Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape, to bring the status of the planet’s blue lungs – its oceans – to the attention of people living and working along South Africa’s coastline.The drive will also create awareness around the much-anticipated climate conference COP17 taking place over November and December in Durban.Driving under the banner of the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) and the South East African Climate Consortium (SEACC), a group of students, scientists and environmental activists set off in two hybrid vehicles on 12 October to visit 25 towns along a 2 500km-plus stretch of coast.Their aim: to get people to sign a Sea Pledge to commit to treating seas, estuaries, coastlines and oceans better in years to come. The team has finished their KwaZulu-Natal leg of the trip and is now en route to the Garden Route and the Western Cape.Vehicle manufacturer Honda, a leader in hybrid technology, sponsored the two vehicles involved in the project. Each car has superb green credentials, can travel 100km more per tank than similar fuel-powered vehicles, and has a carbon dioxide output of less than 110 grams per kilometre.The industry norm for exemption from the South African government’s emissions tax on passenger vehicles is 120g/kms.Working together to save the seasSEACC is an Eastern Cape consortium between NGOs and the province’s four universities – Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha and Fort Hare in Bhisho.It has a student forum representing the consortium at each of these academic institutions.The organisation has earmarked 3 December for the culmination of its Sea Pledge drive – on this day the oceans will come under the spotlight at COP17.According to the SST website, at 11h00 on that day, around South Africa and elsewhere, yachts will depart to exchange pledges at sea, divers will exchange pledges underwater and try to break world records, surfers will exchange pledges on the waves, and kite boarders in the air.In addition, swimmers, beach walkers, anglers, commercial fisheries, shipping lines, schools, desalination plants, marine mining groups, retail outlets, hospitality establishments and the general public will also join in the pledge exchange festivities.SST has stated that it aims to have a million pledges by 3 December.To make a Sea Pledge, contact [email protected] or visit the Sea Pledge Facebook or Twitter pages.  From Sodwana to SaldanaThe Sea Pledge drive will cover almost the entire coastline of South Africa, taking in Sodwana on the east coast all the way to Saldanha on the west coast.The event was launched at the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, the departure venue. Speaking at the event, SST founding trustee Tony Ribbink, a specialist on the coelacanth, the ancient fish which until 1938 was thought to be extinct, said the business community has a major role to play in bringing about positive momentum in green economic growth. “Far too many companies and businesses are unaware of the significant difference they can make when it comes to climate issues,” he said. “We aim to show them that they too can play a positive role and benefit from these initiatives.”The Sea Pledge drive is a crusade for change, added Ribbink. “It is one pledge with two goals: to reduce our emissions footprint and to increase our handprint, which entails helping others.”Stopping the decline in fish populationsRibbink said it is time the world sat up and took note of the drastic decline in the health of the world’s oceans and the living creatures inhabiting it. Just in terms of fishing volumes, there should be a major cause for concern, he said.World fishing numbers have been in decline for a number of years and scientists are predicting the entire collapse of major fisheries by 2046.But it is the survival of subsistence communities, whose very lives depend on the daily catch of fish, which is of most concern to SEACC. These communities will be most affected by mass extinction of fish species. “By signing the Sea Pledge, your business will undertake to help save the seas, and more importantly, contribute to deal with issues of social justice and environmental conservation,” Ribbink told business representatives.Each commitment will be added to a petition calling on the UN to make 2012 the International Year of Coasts and Oceans.The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber pledged its support during the event.“The chamber is joining forces with SEACC at this event to encourage businesses to become proactive in their response to climate change,” said chamber CEO Kevin Hustler.Impact of climate changeGuest speaker at the launch, air quality and climate change specialist and television presenter Simon Gear said the real impact of climate change has only been felt in the last decade. The increase in world temperatures is well recorded but is just a small part of this global phenomenon.“The world has not become massively warmer over the last decade,” he said, “but half a percent increase in temperatures indicates enormous changes in kinetic energy and resultant climatic systems.”It is for this reason that scientists prefer to talk about climate change rather than global warming nowadays, added Gear.Sketching a rather bleak picture, Gear said the harnessing of fossil fuels remains the single biggest threat to the environment and will remain so as the country lacks a political will to move away from it. He told the gathering that local power utility Eskom supplier burns up 14 kilograms of coal and uses 36 litres of water to give an average household a day’s supply of electricity.In summing up, Gear said that the Sea Pledge will make a valuable contribution towards protecting our fauna and flora and securing our water resources.last_img read more

The treevolution has begun

first_imgOn school planting days, 20 pupils, teachers and Greenpop workers get planting together. The Greenpop members give students an outdoor lesson on the importance of trees, global warming, food security, beauty, biodiversity and water recycling. Greenpop’s founding members Misha Teasdale, Lauren O’Donnell and Jeremy Hewitt.(Images: Greenpop)MEDIA CONTACTS • Lauren O’Donnell Co-founderGreenpop+ 27 21 461 9265RELATED ARTICLES• SA protects its national trees• Planting trees in Zambia• Plant trees in Uganda, earn money• Adopt a tree in Africa• Using exotic woods to tackle poverty• Green charcoal to save forests• Kyoto Protocol extended at COP17Cadine PillayCape Town-based Greenpop has been planting trees for the past two years on behalf of companies, individuals and tourists, giving them the chance to invest in a greener future, improve communities in under-greened areas or compensate for their carbon footprint.The social enterprise identifies places in need of trees, such as under-resourced schools or deforested areas. The trees are donated by individuals and companies and at no cost, Greenpop plants the trees in an effort to spread environmental awareness, uplift under-greened communities and combat climate change.Instilling a green consciousnessGreenpop co-founder Lauren O’Donnell says the organisation sets out to prove that greening and sustainable living can be fun, popular and accessible. “Our objectives are to uplift communities, green urban and rural areas, create environmental awareness, combat climate change and make greening fun and popular so that a greener, more conscious movement is inspired,” she explains.“We believe in inspiring a greener, more conscious, inclusive movement and do this through tree-planting projects, green events, education, social media, volunteerism, and activating people to start doing.”Branching outInitially planned as a month-long volunteering project, Greenpop started planting trees in September 2010 in schools, crèches, orphanages, old age homes and community centres, as well as in deforested areas. But it grew from a whim to a formal enterprise after its founding members, O’Donnell, Misha Teasdale and Jeremy Hewitt, realised that 30 days spent planting 1 000 trees was simply not enough.“It just felt so unsustainable to stop; plus, our phones wouldn’t stop ringing. Principals were calling us and asking for trees for their schools, and companies were phoning trying to figure out how they could get involved,” O’Donnell recounts.Fast-forward to the present: over 17 000 trees at over 200 locations, over 200 beneficiary organisations and 100 500 people benefitting, and you find the grassroots initiative starting to dig deeper into its work.School planting daysOn school planting days, 20 pupils, teachers and Greenpop workers get planting together. The Greenpop members start with an outdoor lesson on the importance of trees, global warming, food security, beauty, biodiversity and water recycling.Then there is a detailed planting demonstration and then everyone is split into teams to plant, get their hands dirty and have fun while learning about how valuable and important trees are.Afterwards, Greenpop talks the school through its grey water system, in which classes are assigned trees to maintain and water. Three times a week, each pupil brings in a two-litre recycled plastic bottle filled with their used bath or dish water from home to water their specific trees.While this saves the school’s water, it mainly empowers the children to take responsibility for their trees and ensures the trees do not get thirsty.Giving back to the communityO’Donnell says school planting days also make great team building activities for companies. “These days allow companies to interact with and give back to communities in need, green schools, benefit from the marketing opportunities, and contribute towards a greener, brighter future for South Africa,” she adds.“The pledgee companies support our sustainability programme and pledge trees every month. We plant these trees at our schools and send feedback and photos to them on a regular basis.”In addition, people can donate trees every month; they will get a certificate with the GPS co-ordinates of where their trees are growing.Bridging the Green DivideGreenpop connects people with nature, but also with each other. O’Donnell believes social bridging is fundamental to the group’s ethos, and Greenpop stands by the belief that its work has the potential to create further opportunities for everyone involved. “We found some interesting studies that show how urban greening can help improve the economics of an area and can socially uplift a space.“Degradation of neighbourhoods worsens poor social cohesion, crime, drug abuse and environmental downfall. Urban greening has been closely linked to reductions in these social problems.”In Cape Town, she explains, there is a massive divide between the “leafy suburbs” – so-called because they have trees and money – and suburbs that are not that beautiful and do not have that many trees.However, this issue is not confined to Cape Town but is seen around the world and elsewhere in South Africa – Johannesburg’s City Parks’ started a campaign called ‘Bridging the Green Divide’, a programme to overcome greening disparities in the city.The campaign focuses on complementing the new parks that have been developed in Johannesburg; the restoration of conservation areas; the beautification of road islands and the planting of trees.Already 200 000 trees have been planted in the south of the city, which was left dry and dusty because of apartheid spatial planning, compared to the lush, green, treed north.Even though South Africa is plagued by issues related to basic survival, like access to health care and clean water, O’Donnell believes environmental initiatives still hold value, and may even have the ability to pave the way to plausible solutions for more pressing problems.Trees for ZambiaIn 2012, Greenpop launched Trees for Zambia, a reforestation and eco-awareness project that began with a three-week tree planting. This was followed by an on-going campaign to grow awareness about deforestation, climate change, tree planting, environmental sustainability, and alternative energy sources.“Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world,” she says. “In three weeks, and in partnership with local authorities and NGOs, we planted 4 135 trees with 200 volunteers from Zambia and around the world, and 21 schools received trees and a fun-filled day of tree planting, education and seed propagation with pupils.”Greenpop will be back in Zambia this year for its second event, Trees for Zambia 2013, to boost its work and plant more than 5 000 trees in schools, on subsistence farms and at reforestation sites.last_img read more

Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 114 | Soaking up the sun with solar panels and ice cold milk

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The 114th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, sponsored by AgriGold, includes hosts Joel Penhorwood, Dale Minyo, and Kolt Buchenroth. On today’s podcast, Joel and Dale discuss the growing interest of solar technology with Eli Mast of Mast Farm Service and Sheldon Stutzman of Paradise Energy Solutions. Joel talks with Kelsey Turner from the Ohio Farm Bureau about the Young Ag Professionals Event and how to participate. The podcast has interviews from Kyle Vantillburg and Jetse Boersma on MVP Dairy where they talk with Matt Reese about the farm and the dairy industry. Matt gets an update from the Between the Rows farmers Dylan Baer and Nathan Brown and the boys guess this year’s Ohio State Fair butter sculpture.last_img

Minister VK Singh writes to Ghaziabad DM on the constituency’s development

first_imgGeneral (retired) VK Singh, the BJP MP from Ghaziabad, has written to the Ghaziabad district magistrate SVS Ranga Rao about the constituency’s development.Singh, who is the Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region and External Affairs, told IndiaToday.in that he had indeed sent such a letter which raised 22 points.The points as detailed by Gen Singh are:1. Is there any plan/project pending regarding expansion of Metro Rail in Ghaziabad and what is the status of the same?2. What is the current status of widening of Highways 24&58 in Ghaziabad? In addition to this, is there any proposal pending before state government/Central government for construction of over bridge/under pass etc?3. How many hospitals and PHC’s are in existence in Ghaziabad District and what is there status, in terms of availiability of Doctors, equipment and medicines etc? Is there any proposal pending before the state government/Central government for the modernisation of the same?4. How many governmnet schools are in existence in Ghaziabad district and what is their status, in terms of availiability of teachers/Readers/Professors as well as the building condition? Is the coverage adequate or not may also be indicated.5. What is the current status of Rural electrification in Ghaziabad in terms of completion of Rural electrification projects? In addition to this what is the current status of the urban electrification in terms of condition of street lights, transformers, cable condition (underground and overhead) and availiability of power supply in urban and rural areas of Ghaziabad?6. Is there any plan made for comprehensive development of Khoda village under various schemes of Central/State govt? IF yes, what is the status of the same?7. Is there any special plan for development of Loni area? What is the measure initiated by the State Administration for Public Safety and security in that particular area?8. What is the current status of urban and rural housing for downtrodden and poor people in Ghaziabad District?9. Is there any plan under considerationby the state govt for beautification and purification of Hindon River in Ghaziabad?10. What is the current status of payments to farmers of their agriculture produce? How many Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s are in existence in Ghaziabad Districts and what is their status?11. How many bank branches are in existence in Ghaziabad District and which is the lead bank and whether these Banks adequately cover the district.12. Is there any plan under consideration by the state govt for the rehabilitation of small shopkeepers specially those who are running their shops on street sides and roads?13. What is the present status of connecting of Vijay Nagar/Pratap Viharwith city as well as what is the status of construction of ROB at Vijay Nagar?14. Is their any special projects undertaken for youth in Ghaziabad and what is the status of Nehru Yuva Kendra in terms of their functioning and target achievements? How many sports stadium are in existence in Ghaziabad in rural and urban areas and are they being adequate sports facilities? What is the status of functioning of emplyoment office and what is the status of waiting list of unemplyoyed people?15. How many sick industries are in existence in Ghaziabad? Is there any plan for their rejuvenation as well as their reason for sickness? In addition to this please let me know if any study has been carried out by the state govt for reason of their sickness as well as their suggestion if any for rejuvebation of the same?16. Is there any proposal pending for basic amenities like sewer to be provided in the colonies in Ghaziabad? How many such colonies are in existence lacking in such facilities?17. Is there any proposal pending for regularization of unauthorized colonies? If yes what is the  reason for delay in their regularization?18. How many bus shelters are in existence in Ghaziabad and is there any plan for the expansion of their numbers? How many public utility are in existence in Ghaziabad and is there any plan for the expansion of their numbers?19. What is the status regarding functioning of Sainik Kalyan Board and what all initiative has been taken in the area of welfare, re-emplyoment/resettlement of ex-servicemen.20. What is the current status for adequate construction of pipeline road between Muradnagar to Delhi and what all initiatives has been taken in this regard?21. What is the various state and central govt schemes in respect of comprehensive developments for rural areas, poor and down trodden people, farmers and workers etc?22. I am being approached by my constituents regarding shortage/ inadequate water supply in Ghaziabad, may I request you to please provide me the current status of water supplies with source and condition and functioning of water treatment plant in Ghaziabadadvertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

Rohit Sharma lifts daughter Samaira in his arms as Mumbai Indians win 4th IPL title

first_imgMumbai Indians won their 4th Indian Premier League title with a 1-run win over Chennai Super Kings. The impossible had been done… the lions tamed. And after the exuberance of victory came the calm of a loving embrace for Rohit Sharma.The Mumbai players were ecstatic after the win, revelling in their glory. But skipper Rohit’s eyes searched the field for his daughter, Samaira.The world, as it may, can wait. India’s premier opener took his daughter in his arms and lifted her up in the sky with Samaira breaking into a smile.A new experience for @ImRo45 who lifts his little munchkin before lifting the #VIVOIPL #MIvCSK pic.twitter.com/oqsih3xfk4IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 12, 2019Rohit after the win said that winning the fourth IPL title in front of his daughter Samaira was special.”It is special. Not just Samaira but you (addressing his wife, Ritika) also. Yes, (winning in front of) Samaira because this is her first IPL and she came for most of the games. I’m very happy,” Rohit said replying to Ritika, who asked him how he felt about winning the fourth title in front of Samaira in a video for iplt20.com.All this is new for Samaira, it is her first IPL after all. She will in due course get used to, given the fact that Rohit Sharma is yet to lose an IPL final.Rohit is the only player to win 5 IPL titles, winning four titles with MI after his first with Deccan Chargers.advertisementHe was won 9 out of 10 finals in his career. Rohit has won the World T20 in 2007 with India, the Champions League 2013 with Mumbai Indians, the Asia Cup in 2006 with India and the Nidahas Trophy in 2018.When it comes to IPL, Rohit won his first title with Deccan Chargers in 2009. In 2013, Rohit won his first title as captain when he led Mumbai Indians to their first title.Rohit repeated the feat in 2015, 2017 and 2019, to maintain his perfect record in the IPL final.#VIVOIPL 2019 Champions – @mipaltan pic.twitter.com/XPl5dzh2H6IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 12, 2019After lifting the IPL trophy, Rohit realised that.”Oh, I forgot that (title with DC). Yeah it is five. It’s so tough to take one out of the five. You see IPL is a very tough tournament to win. So I am not going to pick one, because all those victories, all those finals that we won. One with DC and four with MI, we’ve had exceptional seasons,” Rohit said”I can’t really pick one because every season has its own challenge. For me, all five, I will cherish and remember, and not pick one,” he added.Also Read | Rohit Sharma only 5-time IPL champion after Mumbai Indians win 4th titlelast_img read more