UN African mediators continue pressing for progress in Darfur peace process

The AU’s Sam Ibok and the UN’s Tayé-Brook Zerihoun briefed the leadership about the Sirte peace process, which began last month in the Libyan city.Commending the SLA-Unity for their unification efforts, the mediators encouraged the Movement to engage in the peace process, according to a UN spokesperson.Mr. Zerihoun said the objective of the Sirte Talks is to stop the killings in Darfur, and to help allow the people organize their lives and live in peace. “To obtain peace, you have to negotiate,” he told them.The Chief Mediators also said that they were encouraged by the efforts that the Movements are making to unite, because any form of unification will make the mediators’ tasks easier, according to the spokesperson.The UN Special Envoy for Darfur, Jan Eliasson, is scheduled to be in New York next week to brief the Security Council and for internal consultations. 23 November 2007Mediators from the African Union and the United Nations aiming to advance the Darfur peace process have wrapped up a two-day visit to North Darfur after holding a meeting with the Sudan Liberation Army-Unity leadership there. read more

Better blasting – increase performance and production lower costs

first_imgMaptek’s BlastLogicTM drill and blast management system harnesses under-used information to enhance dig rates and improve blast performance. We all know how better fragmentation can save millions of dollars in less explosive use and less energy use in comminution plants. Drill and blast is fundamental to the cost effectiveness of a mining operation, given its inter-relationship with downstream processes.Digging rates, toe and wall control and loss or dilution provide a good measure of blast performance. Aside from operator ability, material digability is the fundamental factor affecting production of excavators and shovels. A shovel productivity gain of more than 9% has been attributed to consistently easy digability, of which drill and blast is the key enabler.Geology and structure aligned with targeted blast objectives determine the drill and blast design. Many sites already implement quality checks on drilling and charge placement. However, efficient use of this data is restricted as it is often manually compiled into spreadsheets or tabular QA systems.Maptek BlastLogic drill and blast decision support system assists engineers to harness existing underutilised information to enhance dig rates. Identifying areas of a pattern that can lead to toe or oversize due to poor execution of drilling is difficult.Ambiguity associated with the actual placement of charge can result in sub-optimal dig rates.BlastLogic focuses on getting the fundamentals of drill and blast right every time. This leads to improvement on bench performance in critical areas like pattern preparation, hole depth variation, charging and stemming compliance.Blast damage is another factor that can lead to significant performance loss. The extent of in-situ coal loss can vary from 5-20%, attributed to the damage of the top seam and loss of coal during mining, or the burial of coal beneath overburden.In coal mines, a lack of adherence to the blast plan in the field is cited as a key factor in coal loss. Operations require a standardised, replicable approach to overburden blasting and excavation to protect the coal seam. This is the essence of the BlastLogic solution.Drill and blast inaccuracies can have other costly downstream effects. Blast oversize affects load and haul productivity, safety and crusher performance. The additional higher cost and effort in secondary blasting and rehandling of material must be considered. The overall cost of blast performance is kept to a minimum by achieving the right result the first time.Balancing blast effort and cost factors can provide an insight into the critical processes that underpin a mining operation. The value in BlastLogic is that key drill and blast information is immediately available in a usable format so it can be acted on. This provides a platform for more logical planning and execution of blasting activities.last_img read more

RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko sign Klemen Ferlin

Klemen FerlinRK Celje Pivovarna LaskoRK Gorenje Velenje ← Previous Story NEW YEARS’ TOURNAMENT: 14th youth handball Gala in Belgrade Next Story → The 46th Yellow Cup in Winterthur on December 29/30 RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko showing domination in Slovenian handball, not only on the handball court, but also on the market. The new signing of EHF Champions League winners from 2004, coming from the neighborhood, Velenje. His name is Klemen Ferlin, the 28-years old RK Gorenje Velenje goalkeeper, who signed two-years contract with the champions from Celje.Ferlin playing his fourth season at RK Gorenje Velenje since he joined club from RK Trimo Trebnje in summer 2014.He will replace Urban Lesjak, Celje’s child who signed already with German TSV Hannover Burgdorf.PHOTO: RK Gorenje Velenje