Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the

TORONTO — Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:Aviation confabThe International Civil Aviation Organization will continue its triennial assembly in Montreal on Monday. The U.N. agency, which is meeting in part to discuss how to reduce the sector’s environmental impact, cancelled its meetings Friday in solidarity with climate protesters led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. GDP statsStatistics Canada will release gross domestic product data by industry for July on Tuesday. The agency’s recent reading for real gross domestic product in the second quarter showed an unexpectedly solid turnaround for an economy that was coming off its weakest back-to-back quarters of growth since 2015.Cenovus outlookCenovus Energy will hold an investor open house in Toronto on Wednesday, where it will unveil its five-year outlook. The Calgary-based company is among several oilsands producers considering the construction of diluent recovery units as a solution to ongoing pipeline project delays.Pot lookaheadCanaccord Genuity will hold its second annual U.S. Cannabis Symposium on Thursday. Convenience store giant Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. recently said it wants to be one of the “key players” in the North American cannabis market by using its position in Canada — where use of the substance for recreational purposes is legal — to achieve this goal.Trade numbersStatistics Canada will release Canadian international merchandise trade data for August on Friday. The agency reported last month that Canada’s merchandise trade balance with the world went from an essentially balanced position in June to a $1.1 billion deficit in July. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 29, 2019.The Canadian Press read more

Better blasting – increase performance and production lower costs

first_imgMaptek’s BlastLogicTM drill and blast management system harnesses under-used information to enhance dig rates and improve blast performance. We all know how better fragmentation can save millions of dollars in less explosive use and less energy use in comminution plants. Drill and blast is fundamental to the cost effectiveness of a mining operation, given its inter-relationship with downstream processes.Digging rates, toe and wall control and loss or dilution provide a good measure of blast performance. Aside from operator ability, material digability is the fundamental factor affecting production of excavators and shovels. A shovel productivity gain of more than 9% has been attributed to consistently easy digability, of which drill and blast is the key enabler.Geology and structure aligned with targeted blast objectives determine the drill and blast design. Many sites already implement quality checks on drilling and charge placement. However, efficient use of this data is restricted as it is often manually compiled into spreadsheets or tabular QA systems.Maptek BlastLogic drill and blast decision support system assists engineers to harness existing underutilised information to enhance dig rates. Identifying areas of a pattern that can lead to toe or oversize due to poor execution of drilling is difficult.Ambiguity associated with the actual placement of charge can result in sub-optimal dig rates.BlastLogic focuses on getting the fundamentals of drill and blast right every time. This leads to improvement on bench performance in critical areas like pattern preparation, hole depth variation, charging and stemming compliance.Blast damage is another factor that can lead to significant performance loss. The extent of in-situ coal loss can vary from 5-20%, attributed to the damage of the top seam and loss of coal during mining, or the burial of coal beneath overburden.In coal mines, a lack of adherence to the blast plan in the field is cited as a key factor in coal loss. Operations require a standardised, replicable approach to overburden blasting and excavation to protect the coal seam. This is the essence of the BlastLogic solution.Drill and blast inaccuracies can have other costly downstream effects. Blast oversize affects load and haul productivity, safety and crusher performance. The additional higher cost and effort in secondary blasting and rehandling of material must be considered. The overall cost of blast performance is kept to a minimum by achieving the right result the first time.Balancing blast effort and cost factors can provide an insight into the critical processes that underpin a mining operation. The value in BlastLogic is that key drill and blast information is immediately available in a usable format so it can be acted on. This provides a platform for more logical planning and execution of blasting activities.last_img read more

Historic joint venture to mine WA iron ore

first_imgTwo Aboriginal contractors in the Pilbara region of Western Australia have formed an historic joint venture to undertake A$200 million worth of mining contracts at Fortescue Metals Group’s Solomon mine. Eastern Guruma and Wirlu-murra Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corp (WMYAC), will work together at Solomon, 60 km north of Tom Price, to capitalise on growing opportunities in the mining industry and to build their business capability. Eastern Guruma and WMYAC will work alongside existing contractors at Solomon, including Leighton Contractors. The joint venture is scheduled to commence work in March 2013 and operate over five years. It marks one of the first times that two Traditional Owner companies have come together to form a business partnership. Fortescue Chief Executive Officer Nev Power said that it was great to see two Pilbara Aboriginal contractors join forces to build their business capability within the mining industry. “There are a phenomenal number of opportunities in the mining industry for Aboriginal people. I’m extremely proud that these two groups, Traditional Owners of the land where the Solomon mine is located, will work together for the greater economic benefit of their communities.”Eastern Guruma has been a partner in several successful joint venture operations in the Pilbara. However, this joint venture marks the first business opportunity in the mining industry for WMYAC.WMYAC Acting Chairperson, Maudie Jerrold, said she was delighted that WMYAC had been instrumental in realising this opportunity for Yindjibarndi people to work with and learn from Eastern Guruma and Leighton.“There is a big chance here for our Yindjibarndi people to create a positive future for our children and their children. Yindjibarndi people will see immediate and long term benefits including education, training, jobs and more importantly for us, to learn more about operating our own businesses in the mining industry,” Maudie said. “This opportunity cannot be lost and the WMYAC Board is solid in its commitment to ensure it happens.”Eastern Guruma Director Sue Boyd said the joint venture would provide employment, training and other business opportunities for Aboriginal people, to ensure that the younger generation have been set up for the future, be self-reliant and to carry with pride that we are looking after our people to get jobs and get out of the poverty that is always highlighted in the media.The joint venture will undertake mining services work in partnership with Leighton Contractors for the five year term of their mining and operations contract. It will also begin a six month earthworks package at the Kings deposit at Solomon starting in mid-2013. The earthworks will be completed in partnership with a major mining contractor which is expected to be awarded in coming months.It is anticipated that the joint venture will draw on Fortescue’s Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) in Roebourne to develop and train new members of the workforce and continue to build the skills and the economic viability of the town.Power said that growing up in Western Queensland he would often see young people leave their Aboriginal communities as they searched for work in regional centres or capital cities. By providing opportunities in the Pilbara, Aboriginal people can remain within their communities.“Fortescue is partnering with Roebourne and surrounding communities to provide accessible and sustainable employment opportunities to its members,” said Power. “I hope that this opportunity might set a precedent for other Traditional Owner groups and I look forward to a successful long term partnership with Eastern Guruma and Wirlu-murra Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corp.”last_img read more