Scientific Drops Hot New Release and USA Tour Date

first_imgIntro Science Nation , Unstoppable! Wonda World, DJ Sly! Need I Say More, Your Will like it !!Verse1Let’s cheers for moment thought it was over / what’s a Rav4 to a Range Rover /Da na my baynay if u a soldier /whether your drinking drinks or your Sober/no case/Science brought the city alive /3 is a crowd so 2 will survive /uh huh they hating the King has arrive /choose 1 there’s a million ways to die/ Paco Rabonne yo wats up/got me fresh to death from a new hair cut /off in the whip wit my homie Moses /the Black Camero ain’t hard noticeChorus2xShe wearing Brazilian hair Dah Na news there!!For rubber gun to kill bird Dah na news there!White teeth black Dah Na news there!!When lay man bite lay dog Dah news there!!She borrow shoe from her friend Dah Na News thereScrapper eating gari Dah Na News thereThe whole country on scrah Dah na news thereSenator riding Keke Dah news there!!Verse2AME got nice chicks/UMU pa they are tightest/Cuttington maybe I might just hmmmm UL none righteous /Balling babe lib ladies /ur stole my heart than the love for Mercedes /ah who/Stella Maris get one black beauty I freakor she na fun I Dey kolo 4 you/Gh,Naija /whether shockie or alkada/dance like this one be revival/any Artist want remix akwaaba/Wilson the noodles bring chaooo/hangovers no headache Tsingtao/ahh Science Nation we ruling /making hits be dah Class that I’m Schooling /ChorusShe wearing Brazilian hair Dah Na news there!!For rubber gun to kill bird Dah na news there!White teeth black Dah Na news there!!When lay man bite lay dog Dah news there!!She borrow shoe from her friend Dah Na News thereScrapper eating gari Dah Na News there!!The whole country on scrah Dah na news there!Senator riding Keke Dah news there!!Verse 3Dj Sly he’s so fly /bout to blow and reach for the sky/Team Scientific Where ur at /Carlos, Stephen, Archie and Djlas/Dj Blue u still My Brabi/ JMK u know where we heading/Dunn Studio my 2nd home/ya next up homies mo hits coming soonChorusShe wearing Brazilian hair Dah Na news there!!For rubber gun to kill bird Dah na news there!White teeth black Dah Na news there!!When lay man bite lay dog Dah news there!!She borrow shoe from her friend Dah Na News there!Scrapper eating gari Dah Na News there!The whole country on scrah Dah na news there !Senator riding Keke Dah news there!!OutroHey Ladies!!We’re in the building right nowMy name is Unstoppable DJ SlySuperstar DJAlright Ladies, lets wine it to the ground, Go down lowWine it to the groundBring it, bruk off, bring it, bruk offAfrica style!!Dance to the beat, America styleI say dance to the beat, Caribbean styleDance to the beat, dance to the beat, Dubai styleDance to the beat, London styleI say dance to the beat, dance to the beat, Asian styleWine it, sexy Ladies, Wine itBreak it down, break down, wine itTurning up!!BeatshopGhWillisbeatzShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) – Advertisement – Scientific’s “Dah Na News” featuring DJ Sly is probably the only dance song playing during this rainy season that comes with an exceptional hip-co slant to it that has surprisingly grabbed the multi award winning lyricist a whole different set of fans, the die hard hip-co fans.It’s not surprising to hear Scientific rap in Collo, but it’s definitely refreshing to know that he can transition at any given moment, as the need arises. And with the excitement that hip-co fans now have for what they say, “is long overdue,” Science Nation could take over the hip-co crown, too, in due time.Scientific announced his first US tour earlier this week, which caused many to say, “we can’t understand why Scientific has never been to America to showcase his talent.” Set to run from September to December, the tour will see one of the finest lyricists Africa can boast of flexing his vocabs in states like Rhode Island, North Carolina, New York, Washington, D.C. and South Carolina. Bookings have already kicked off, but if you are interested in seeing Scientific in a city near yours, call (202) 643-8226.As for LIB Life, while we are sure Scientific will break into the US market, we caught up with the rap icon and humanitarian for him to share with us why he has finally decided to transition to hip-co, giving his fans a little more to be proud of.SCIENTIFIC: I have been in the Liberian industry a long time, way before DenG and them. I think the reason I haven’t reached my full horizon is because I was based in Ghana and wasn’t really concentrating on LIB heavy. Not like I wasn’t doing stuff in LIB, but I wasn’t concentrating on the industry heavy, and I was looking out of the box and everything, and that’s why it seems like I wasn’t making any buzz.LIB LIFE: So why the transition, was it necessary?Scientific: I am known in the LIB industry for sure and there comes a point you have to deliver and give the people what they want because you have already broken the boundaries in terms of lyricism or whatever and they know that you can hold it down. It is not new to the Liberian people that Scientific can really rap, and I am nice with it so I just had to switch it up a little bit and flip the whole LIB slang to it and the people accepted it. I have tried it once or twice and it worked, I just felt like I will give them what they want this time, and I knew this particular record was going to be real dope and different, because I knew the angle where I was coming from with it. It is a good feeling, it’s a dope record and I am feeling it. I did promise to give the Liberian people a lot more since relocating back home, flip it, us the LIB Hip-Co and just keep giving them hits 100 percent, because making good music is nothing new to me, in terms of making hit records, be it Hip-Co or whatever, I just know how to do it like a Boss.LIB LIFE: Then there’s the question of why it took so long to get the opportunity to finally go to the United States of America to show them what Liberia really is made of.Scientific: I am grateful because God made it happen and he’s about to decorate and showcase me to the world. I know my competition is out there and a lot of fans in the US have been wanting to see me in person or to perform live so, this is a very big blessing. My daddy Apostle Enoch Annor Baffour has been praying for me and standing in the gap for God to shower his blessings upon me and I say Glory be to Jehovah because I am an overcomer. Amen.LIB LIFE: We wish you all the continued success and can’t wait to see you standing alongside some of the greatest artists in the world.Below are the lyrics to Liberia’s now favorite song, DJ Sly, Scientific – “DAH NA NEWS.”last_img read more

Top target will NOT make West Ham or Newcastle move this summer

first_imgFrank de Boer will not be heading to West Ham or Newcastle this summer, according to his brother Ronald.The Ajax boss has been linked with a switch to the Premier League, with the Hammers and Magpies currently looking for new managers.Some reports earlier in the week claimed the 45-year-old had held talks with the east London side but, speaking to the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show, Ronald insisted Frank will remain at the Dutch giants.“Frank has decided to stay at Ajax for at least another year,” he told talkSPORT. “He’s said to his manager he doesn’t want to take any calls for another year.“After that, everyone can call him. He will stay at Ajax for another season for sure.”last_img